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Taking Names – ITEL PT – 3.8.18

The Alison Chabloz trial in the United Kingdom provides the world with a glaring obvious fact: Jews are intent on “taking names” and then targeting these names for destruction of lives, families, careers, and personal ability to function independently in our Western society.  The phenomena of “taking names” is observable, too, in the United States and Canada.  Indeed, wherever we find a largely Jewish controlled environment, be it political, social, or cultural – anything, we may easily observe the vindictive nature of Jews as they “take names” with the obvious intent of using these lists to silence and intimidate.

That such phenomena is observable hints at an obvious need: it is time to start taking names of all those people working in the service of Jewish political interests with the intent to impose political realities on these agents of Jewish international interests.

Brizer from Ireland – Hour 2

In hour 2, Brizer from Ireland, co-host of The Graham Hart Show joined Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time.  Topics of discussion included his trip to see the Alison Chabloz trial, Jewish whining and kvetching, and the planned engineered implosion of Ireland wherein Irish political class is committing treason against the Irish people by secretly planning to bring 1 million migrants into Ireland while paying off the press to write glowing stories about the benefits of mass migration into Ireland.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.8.18 – PT