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Team Trump Fumbles N. Korea Summit

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, May 24, 2018, discussed the Trump team’s fumbling of the planned historical summit with N. Korea in hour 1, and then discussed the reality of the “Nakba”, or “The Palestinian Disaster”, which saw some 700,000 Palestinians ruthlessly routed from their homes by Jewish terrorists in the early formative days of the creation of “Israel”.

The Nakba was further put into historical context wherein some 10 million Germans were ruthlessly routed from their homes by the same Jewish terrorists that cleansed the Eastern part of the former native German territories located in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, and elsewhere.

FUMBLE!  Trump Teams Steps on Own Tongues

Without a doubt, Trump’s cancellation of the planned N. Korea summit with N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a byproduct of Jewish imperial hubris and arrogance.  It all began with John Bolton openly declaring that the United States was interested in pushing the “Libyan model” of 2003 onto Kim Jong-un.  To the N. Koreans, such promises from a rabid Israel-firster as Bolton could not be seen as a reassuring sign: Moamar Qadaffi agreed to drop Libya’s nuclear program in 2003, essentially ensuring that Libya was defenseless, and then saw the United States laugh to the world about their ability to destroy Libya and assassinate Qadaffi some 10 years later.

Remember then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s infamous giggle, “We came, we saw, he died!” while being interviewed on national television from Afghanistan?

This diplomatic arrogance was then followed up by another moron, VPOTUS, Pence, openly threatening N. Korea that if a deal wasn’t made, then the Libyan option was “a fact”.

Trump, a week later, was left trying to deflect the idiocy from his advisers by trying to make is all sound that what Bolton and Pence were saying was not quite accurate and that Trump could reassure that N. Korea would not see the United States “decimate” N. Korea and assassinate their leadership if a deal was made.  Trump went on to further imply that he could give reassurances to Kim Jong-un that he would not be assassinated.

Apparently, Trump seems to forget that he has, like the United States foreign policy apparatus as a whole, virtually zero credibility when it comes to making international agreements.

The world is awakening to Jews and their “Kol Nidre” oath.

In a final fit an rather insane blathering, POTUS Trump when on to insult pretty much everyone’s intelligence that he was cancelling the summit with N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un due to N. Korean rhetorical belligerence, seeming blissfully unaware that his team spent the better part of the week making absolute dictatorial style demands on a foreign nation, essentially threatening the N. Koreans to capitulate or “face the Libyan option”.

The Nakba – An Historical Perspective

One thing that history teaches anyone willing to read and learn is this: Jews, as a people, have no qualms about killing people opposed to they and their agenda, and further, will not stop any cruelty to ensure that their goals are achieved.

The recent mass murder of some 100’s of Palestinians since March as they have massed in protest along the prison fence that surrounds what is the Gaza concentration camp is just one small example.

Palestinians have what they call their “Nakba”, “disaster”, which they equate to the day after the creation of the abomination that is known as Israel on May 14, 1947.  On this year’s May 14 “Israel Independence Day”, the world witnessed apparent Israeli agents Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump aside Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, all with heads held high as decades of United States policy of at least TRYING to show some neutrality in the 70 year old Palestinian-Jewish conflict was thrown out the window.

The smirk on the faces of these three could not tell a more glaring story: the United States is being run by Israel.

The show went on to discuss the political undertones of Lubavitch Kabballah, and of course much, much more.

A good show and definitely worth a listen.

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! – 5.24.18