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Thanksgiving 2017, Jewish “Cultural Domination” – ITEL Radio – 11.25.17

Saturday’s Inside the Eye – Live! looked at some of the evolving economic and cultural shifts occurring in the United States regarding the important Thanksgiving Holiday.  In what was largely a “rant” show, the abrasive nature of Jewish society relative to host nations societies was also discussed.  Early comments hint at that this show was one for the re-listen archives with lots of non-time sensitive information – meaning information that may be listened to anytime and remain relevant to the times at hand.

Thanksgiving USA – 2017

With the Thanksgiving Holiday dinner all digested, and the madness of “Black Friday” rapidly receding, the show looked at some of the travel statistics of the Thanksgiving holiday. The show included an additional look at the disruptive nature of technology as American’s shift shopping methods from traditional brick and mortar outlets to online shopping preferences.

The use of online coupons, use of mobile devices to track pricing and place orders, and the use of social media as Facebook by retailers to reach out to customers were but some of the trends discussed.

A short segment on the importance of maintaining fiscal discipline in an era of austerity brought a level of encouragement for everyone to realize that money earned is not to be given away to people so easily, especially to retailers that ultimately do not care about the ultimate fate of the customers who come to frequent retail establishments.

Abrasive Jewish Sentiments within Host Nations

Quite a bit of the show was spent on an extended rant on the abrasive nature of Jewish attitudes towards non-Jews while Jews live amongst host nations. One such attitude of Jews is the contempt Jews have for Christmas and their persistent whining about not having anything to do. Jews KNOW they live AMONGST the people’s of the world, view themselves as a uniquely separate and distinctive “race”, yet often show nothing but contempt and loathing for the traditions of those people whom they have chosen to live among.

The story of a Mr. Rubin whining about Polish attitudes towards Mr. Rubin and Jews in general, attitudes that Mr. Rubin, in a callous disregard for the reality that he is a guest among a host nation as Poland, wherein Mr. Rubin essentially supports the idea that the nations of the world should exist to serve Jews and only Jews, is just one such contempt Jews show towards the people of the world, but especially the people of Western civilization.

No wrap-up can cover the intensity and lucid revelations that has come to make “The Fetch” one of Saturday’s most listened to radio show!

ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.25.17