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The 2018 FIFA World Cup – Globalism vs Nationalism

We Americans aren’t necessarily the greatest soccer (football) fans, but having been an expatriate for over a decade in the heart of the Levant, I have come to some appreciation for “the beautiful game”.  Now, mind you, it doesn’t rank up there with such North American sports as hockey or baseball, but it sure beats watching over paid “African Americans” parading after every small minutia of accomplishment on the football field as is seen all the time in American football.

My goodness, American football has digressed to overt shows of “look at me” non- sense.  Some guy makes a first down, and they bounce up shaking their arses and giving us all the “first down sign”, and never mind the theatrics one has to endure when someone catches a well thrown football for a touchdown.

American footballers have become prancing “look at mes”.  It is as if in American football, the old American maxim of “act like you have done this before” doesn’t compute in the brains of today’s American football environment.

It is no wonder so many traditional (that means White to most not clued into American political nuance) are abandoning American football.

But I have digressed.

I don’t expect Americans to flock to “the beautiful game”, but there is a beauty and grace to the game at the elite international level, and the passion and intensity of fans who watch this international sports extravaganza is certainly worth the  price of admission to swim within and around. There is an air of electricity as the game ebbs and flows between the competing teams.

A Nationalist View of FIFA 2018 Russia

As I arrived early Wednesday (you often have to reserve seats at the restaurants and coffee shops) to be sure of a seat for the Croatia vs. England game, I was approached by an English guy with his Chinese girlfriend or colleague.  He greeted cheerily, “So are we playing for England tonight?”  I didn’t have the desire to say “no”, but just gave a courteous hello and went back to watching the pregame festivities.

You see, this years 2018 Sochi World Cup tournament has driven home a very clear and evident reality: Western European teams no longer have national teams.  These teams are all constructed out of the morass of multiculturalism.  I could not root for Germany as Germany’s entire defense was not even German.  Germany’s backfield was fielded by Africans, and without question, Germany’s defense appeared as it was not being defended by Germans, but rather by mercenaries who would rather live another day than put up a fight for the Fatherland.

Germany’s non German defense saw Germany routed.  The non-German defense seemed to run at the first sound of gunfire on the far and distant front.  One could not expect these non Germans to defend Germany and they didn’t.  It was glaringly obvious.

Russia was largely a national team, but President Putin had personally signed a decree to allow Brazilian Mario Fernandez the right to be a resident in Russia, thus allowing Fernandez to play for Russia.  He promptly awarded Russia with a spur of brilliance with a header to send the game against Croatia into overtime, but when it came time to cold and calculatingly deliver for Mother Russia, Fernandez giddily approached the penalty kick, seemingly without a care for the hopes and aspirations of an entire nation, and shanked the ball so far to the left of goal that I had to turn the television off.

WTH?  It was THAT embarrassing to watch.

What a wonderful way for multiculturalism to deliver for Mother Russia.

You see, there is a difference between playing for your nation and just out there “playing” because you have been granted the right to do so


You had to pull for them, a nationalist team playing against multicultural “Belgium”.  It as a shame to watch the multicultural mercenary team playing under a Belgian flag break down Japan’s defense with a last minute, end of the game rush down the pitch after a failed and easy to field corner kick.

So when sitting down to watch England and Croatia, a true nationalist could only side with Croatia.  England was just another one of these multicultural mercenary driven heaps of talent that was only partially, and perhaps, half British in spirit.  But Croatia was full on Croatian.  It was a beautiful sight to watch as Croatian unity slowly wore down the largely multicultural mercenary team of England.

The second half of the game clearly belonged to Croatia as the Croatian team kept the English team bogged down near its goal.  As the game wore to a close of regular time, England’s substitutions began.   At the 74th minute, England’s “multiculturalist Raheem” was replaced with “multiculturalist Marcus Rashford”.  At the end of regulation, “multiculturalist Rose” was replaced by “multiculturalist Young”.   One had to ask, “Are there any Englishmen lefft in England who can play football?”

Such was not the case for Croatia.

“For Croatian football and for Croatia as a country, this is history being written,” Coach Zlatko Dalic said. “We have our heart, we have our pride, we have our players.

FIFA 2018 –  Nationalism vs Multiculturalism

So as the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia gets set to be played out on the world stage, never before will it become more transparent to all nationalists the world over that this match pits globalism and its multicultural mercenary morass as represented by France against the the Croatian people, a nation of less than 4 million.

For nationalists the world over, rooting in this game is a no brainer: nationalist Croatia.

France is “France” in name only.

With hired African/multicultural mercenaries as backfielders Djibril Sidibe (€17M transfer fee) and Umtiti (€30 million transfer fee), midfielders Moussa Sissoko (€42M transfer fee) and Corentin Tolisso (€50M transfer fee), and forwards/strikers Kylian Mbappe (€219 M transfer fee) and Kingsley Conan (€26M transfer fee), one gets the clear picture that France as a “national team” simply no longer exists.

“France” is a team that on paper is a nothing less than a professional multinational juggernaut being provided the trappings of being called a “national team”.

Of all the teams in the 2018 World Cup, France personifies “multiculturalism”, a failed nation no longer able and capable of fielding a true national team, relying instead on mercenaries rather than native French talent.  France as a team should be called “France” with an asterisk: perhaps it would be better to call France, “Kalergi West”.

But hey.  They can field a mean looking soccer club.

As nationalists, lets all root for Croatia and hope this tiny European nation can send the globalist multiculturalists packing so we can celebrate instead the diversity that has always made Europe great!