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The AltRight’s “Voxday Ferals”, Hurricane Mathew, and Syrian War updates – ITEL Radio – 10.8.16 the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 8, 2016, opened up with the latest details on Hurricane Mathew that pummeled the lower Eastern Atlantic Coast of the United States. Updates on states affected, including the years first Fall/Winter travel disruption event filled in the first half hour.


In the second hour through the second hour, an extensive rant/discussion brought the seedy side of the Internet underworld to the surface. All of this dues to a leading figure in the AltRight, a half-American Indian, half “white or Jewish white” person known on the Internet as “The Dark Supreme Lord”, aka “Vox Day”, took a swipe at “The Fetch” dues to a misunderstanding that unleashed a 60 hour trolling effort by Vox Day’s Ferals, a term coined that shows the inherent unfairness of a group of individuals who conspire on the net to harm and harass others for any perceived sleight or criticism similar in Internet parlance to behavior witnessed in “feral blacks” , as they are known, who rove and attack in groups unwitting, often White, victims.

An insightful segment, for sure, on the seedy, dishonest creatures that make up much of the Internet’s subculture.


Hour 3 returned to some sanity, with a look at Russia’s tweet aimed at the US government about the nature and intent of Russia’s deployment of S-300 and S-400 surface to air missile defense systems in Syria. Listener participation filled out the final hour. A pretty fun, fast, informative show.