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The Arthur Topham Trial, Spotlight on S. Africa – ITEL – 10.24.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 24, 2015, discussed the upcoming political trial of Arthur Topham and then presented an extended, multiple viewpoint of current conditions in S. Africa. The show was highlighted by featuring multiple guests, including Karin Smith from, Edwin deHewitt, an American expat married to a Boer and residing in S. Africa, and “Mr. C”, a colored S. African currently working in Saudi Arabia. The show was filled out with a discussion of the record breaking Hurricane Patricia that made landfall on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The Arthur Topham Trial – a Jewish Political Show Trial


Jews in Canada have instigated a massive show trial against publisher and author Arthur Topham. Arthur Topham has been charged with “inciting hatred” (whatever that is supposed to mean), but the reality is that Jews are seeking to create an environment in the West where their actions and decisions are beyond question and that they remain an untouchable political and social constituency.

The trial is clearly a political show trial, designed to impress upon all the real nature of Jewish power and political extremism and the degree to which Jews are willing to destroy anyone who dares raise awareness of Jewish political power and Jewish political agendas and hypocrisy.

The Arthur Topham Trial provides us with a glimpse into Jewish totalitarianism and the innate desire by Jews to rise above any and all criticism through the stifling and destruction of Free Speech. The trial is, at its very core, so antithetical to Western traditions that it can only be viewed as a farce that contains within it the full the power of Jewish social, economic, and political power being used to destroy those who raise awareness of Jewish power in the West.

Karin Smith, White Genocide SA


In hour number 2, we were joined by Karin Smith of Karin discussed her trek as a child from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to South West Africa (Namibia) and then on to South Africa. She spent time as a child in each country’s education system and graduated from high school in S. Africa. She went on to graduate with a nursing degree in S. Africa and worked in major retail companies where she had first hand experience negotiating with S. African labor unions.

Karin discussed her time as a child in Rhodesia as well as the quality of the societies that were the former Rhodesia, South West Africa (a German colony), and S. African. She then went on to discuss some of the historical background that went into the creation of the modern state of S. Africa. She highlighted that at the time of the first settlers to Cape Town, there was only a small tribe called the “Coy Coy” whereby the original Dutch settlers traded agriculture in exchange for beef and livestock.

Karin went on to discuss the British invasion of S. Africa and how gold and diamond wealth disrupted the developing political unity of the former Dutch citizenry. The British scorched earth policy of the second Boer War and the usage of “concentration camps” had disastrous consequences on the Boer population.

The show continued on with much of the history of S. Africa that leads us to the current ongoing genocide of Whites in S. Africa.

You can download the interview audio file here. (right click save as)

Additional guests Edwin de Hewitt and Mr. C filled out the final hour of the show.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 10.24.15