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The Bob Tuskin Tussle Transcript

It was 2012. The “Troll Wars” of the 2000’s were drawing to a close. Live streaming Internet radio was nascent, ascending, targeting the American Patriot and militia sympathetic audience with all manner of “conspiracy” related programming. Jesuits, Freemasons, the Vatican, the Bilderbergers – who knows what secret society flavor of the day, greeted the growing audience hungry for information that main stream media outlets would never touch let alone bother to explore.

None were speaking about the core problem facing Western civilization: the Jewish stranglehold over Western civilization.

In 2012, there were three main streaming media/open air broadcasting networks: Genesis Broadcasting (Alex Jones), Republic Broadcasting (RBN), and The Oracle Broadcasting Network. The idea of exploring Jewish metapolitics in a public discussion remained largely “taboo”, but Oracle Broadcasting, with the addition of “The Fetch” in the summer of 2011, began to change the rhetorical dynamic.

It wasn’t all that well received (by Jews that is). After scoring number 1’s on such radio aggregators as Talkstream Live, complaints from Jews successfully got Inside the Eye – Live! removed from the Talk Stream platform. Despite the growing importance and popularity of messages as discussed on Inside the Eye – Live!, the show remains banned from the Talk Stream Live platform.

But there was more. A long game strategy put in play by “a hidden hand”.

Jewish Disinformation Shills – Jason Bermas

Shortly after 9-11, a plethora of sites and franchises sprang up with the apparent marching orders to “deflect from Jews at each and every opportunity”.  In the way of “franchises”, a teenage Jew by the name of Jason Bermas shot to stardom with his film, Loose Change”, which, magically, failed miserably to show the connection of Jews and Israel to 9-11.

After Loose Change, Jason Bermas found himself being promoted by the “800 pound guerrilla of the alternative media”, Alex Jones, where, in 2008, the two collaborated on a video entitled “Fabled Enemies”.
Writing for Dissident Voice, Jeremy Hammond wrote,


Fabled Enemies is written and directed by Jason Bermas, who was a co-producer of the Loose Change series, and produced by Alex Jones. It is a significant improvement over the Loose Change videos, which, although progressing in quality which each new version, focused heavily on questions like whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon, whether Flight 93 crashed in the field in Pennsylvania, and whether the WTC buildings were brought down in controlled demolitions, while failing to sufficiently address the enormous amount of other information demonstrating that the official story is a lie.


Neither Bermas nor Hammond touched the obvious: 9-11 was an insider Jewish/Israeli/Deep State collaborative effort.

Bermas would go on to be given a slot on Alex Jones’ network, where, in typical Jewish fashion, completely lost all sanity when a caller raised the issue of Jewish domination in media.

CallerDesert Larry from California.  my younger brother called in earlier about Joseph Mengela and paperclip but the Jewish people, they seem to run 90% of all the media, and all of the Hollywood movies-
Bermas simply hung up on the guy and went on a 5 minute tirade.  A few of the excerpts…

BermasAll right thanks for the call, everybody hates the Jews.”

…All right, I have 5 minutes to take on the nazis, or the people that just don’t like Jews for some reason. Look man. It’s not a Jewish conspiracy OK? Get over it. I’m Sorry. Hook-nosed people don’t run the world in some kind of cave while they suck the blood our of babies in some wierd ritual you believe in. allright. I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that.

“‘oh Jews run the media, they’re like rats and cockroaches’ Give me a break dude, please go hang yourself. There’s somebody I wouldn’t mind with a little population control. if you hate the jews don’t call into my show.

…give me a break, ‘the jews run the media!’ why don’t you discredit the media a little further, sir” “come on; “the Jews”, come on, it’s just so beyond ridiculous.

“and then you have these guys that find a jew under every bed… it’s just unbelievable, unbelievable..”
..”What are people’s obsessions with hating jews?

‘What about the jewish question Jason?’

“The question is, if you’re asking that question, why are you still breathing?
I mean why haven’t you really just taken a toaster oven and thrown it in the bathtub with yourself and had a party? Because that’s what you need to do. “Nothing I hate more than the anti-semites and the nazis. not a thing. can’t stand it. had to put me in a bad mood, guys..”

The altercation was not over.  The caller returned a few days later.  This time, Alex Jones was waiting in the wings and rushed in to too late to save his little Jew toy broadcaster from even further humiliation.  The exchange is priceless, but too hints at the “Wild West Days” of alternative media.

GNN and Bantown

Running in parallel to “Loose Change” was a website called “Guerrilla News Network”, or  This site ran from 2000 through 2009 and was co-founded by another Jew, Anthony Lappe. received funding from The Ford Foundation and targeted the teenage to early 20’s market (high school to college campus).  The site’s main traffic came from a forum it operated for registered users.

Here is where one of the more notorious trolling operations was working: Andrew Auernheimer and his “Bantown”.

I was posting there and observed a rather obvious pattern: certain people could talk about how “Jews did 9-11”, but such statements were always made in such a fashion as to make it appear that if anyone actually believed such a statement, that the one actually stating factually that “Jews did 9-11” would soon find themselves being heavily trolled and harassed and mocked so as to make it appear that the person successfully advancing the idea that Jews were being 9-11 were either insane or crazy.

In other words, you could say that “Jews did 9-11” if it was satire as approved by the various Jews running and policing the forums, but as soon as someone spoke about the issue seriously, the trolling and harassment immediately followed.  Here, the technique was not much different than when Geraldo Rivero made Alex Jones supporters look like “freaks” and “nutjobs” on national television as Alex Jones was being arrested while his supporters changed “9-11 was an inside job”.

At, trolling and harassing people in the forums who called attention to Jewish involvement in 9-11 was pretty much”officially encouraged” by Anthony Lappe.

It was clear that there was an organized campaign to harass and troll people speaking about the harm being caused by Jewish goals and policies.
If trolling and harassing didn’t work, a campaign was always launched to get people banned from the forum.

Hence the term used by Auernheimer as the name for his group : “Bantown”.

Migrating to Audio – Trolling the Trolls – The Bob Tuskin Tussle Transcript

Such was the environment as the first decade of the 2000’s came to a close.  Written content placed into community forums, the precursor to today’s instant message style social media, was easy to troll and get removed.  Worse, interacting with the often targeted harassment (trolling) often resulted one getting banned.

In truth, not much has changed relative to such dynamics.

Audio, however, is generally harder to “troll”, and so by 2009, I had already begun producing an esoteric podcast called “Inside the Eye”.

However, by 2011, I was seeking to expand my audience and landed a slot on The Oracle Broadcasting Network.  My efforts on raising awareness of Jewish culture, assaults on Western civilization, targeting of our inherent rights soon took hold.  Being a new host, “popular hosts” at Oracle Broadcasting such as Bob Tuskin and Chris Geo, who would later go on to start Truth Frequency Radio, sought to influence the direction of Inside the Eye – Live! by making the show a bit more “Jew friendly”.

The problem was, Inside the Eye – Live!, as a newcomer to the streaming radio scene, had in a very short time garnered a loyal and motivated audience.  The formula was working.

Then, on April 24, 2012, the direction of alternative media was changed forever.

Bob Tuskin, a then fellow host at Oracle Broadcasting (and also a Jew), decided to call in and lecture The Fetch on what is an acceptable usage of English when discussing the Jewish problem.  What ensued is one of the most listened to segments in the history of Inside the Eye – Live!

The audio is available on the right side bar.

Now, for the first time ever, a transcript of this classic from Internet radio has been made available thanks to the efforts of Katana17 at  Complete with photos, the Bob Tuskin Tussle pdf brings to life this classic.

You can download the PDF here:

PDF – The Fetch and the Bob Tuskin Tussle

Be sure to check out many of the other excellent transcripts made available by Katana17.