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The Bob Tuskin Tustle – The Video!

Way back in 2012, before any radio hosts were seeking to raise awareness of “the Jewish issue”, the Fetch and a handful of additional hosts at the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting Network pioneered the methods and rhetoric that would become the framework for much of the “acceptable rhetoric” now exploding on the web.

A Walk Down Memory Lane – Community Forums


Long before “Twitter”, and “Facebook”, and “Reddit”, and a whole host of other social media platforms, the Internet world was largely being populated by “communities”. Microsoft and Yahoo were two of the more popular community platforms wherein individuals would set up private communities covering pretty much every subject of interest one could find an ongoing community consisting of just few to many hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of members.

As these were “private communities”, they were policed and managed in a manner that the owners of these communities deemed to see fit. It just so happened that communities within which I was posting, most of these were large (over 100 – why post where no one was going to read) and dedicated to Pagan/Wiccan/New Age/Thelema themed content.

It was here that I refined the “the Isisian Codes”, and sought to blend “the Occult” with a protest against Jewish control of “Western” occult traditions such that our Western esoteric traditions seemed as if they were born of a slavish dedication to a Jew first occult paradigm.

Raising the issue that Western esoteric traditions were developed largely as a protest to Talmudic Christian imposition in the West was met with a phenomena that was entirely new – the Internet Troll and the “Agenda to Ban” people who dared to question their prevailing world view.

We had entered a world where unseen cowards would use rhetorical baiting and flaming wholly designed to bring discussion down to a level of near animal incivility from which these people hailed – and as such happened, being sorely inept at actual rhetoric and debate, would find themselves getting completely trashed to the point where people would “feel sorry” for the trolls who invited the scorn and venom thrown at them.

The result? Like a foul called on the player who retaliates against a cheap shot, it is the reaction that would get “penalized” – aka – banned, while the troll would slink back into the shadows awaiting the next victim to harass and try to dominate.

These were the very early forms of the very common “social justice warriors” of today, a classification of Internet personality that is largely an “Internet thug” seeking to dominate and impose themselves in all form and manner to shut down political and intellectual debate.

“Web Forums”


As the web grew, and bandwidth and hosting became more available to the general public, various communities moved off the Microsoft and Yahoo platforms and began their own private spaces on the Web. Such forums as,,, and were some of the larger of the many forums that would come to populate the early build out of the Web.

Here, too, lurking trolls were everywhere, ready to pounce and flame anyone that hinted at any number of “conspiracy” topic.

All manner of dishonesty and subterfuge was used by these anti-intellectual agents, from trolling to flaming to planting “anti-Semitic stories”. It did not matter. What mattered was that the target was silenced. If this silence could not be effected by getting a person “Banned”, then additional layers of pressure were added to force “compliance”.

A particularly nasty, and perhaps “pioneer”, in this form of trolling was a very well known Jewish scumbag by the name of Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer. He and his “anonymous” cowards were absolutely vicious to anyone who sought to raise the issue of Jewish power in media, politics, and finance.

“Weev’s” “BANTOWN” was all about eliminating any and ALL anti-Jewish information from the Web through the use of trolling and flaming. When these methods did not work, there was the doxxing, harassments via telephone, planting false stories, making recordings under false pretenses, calls to get people fired from their jobs.

No manner of sleaze was spared in the goal of silencing dissent on the web.

These techniques continue on to this day in the form of “social justice warriors”, but the phenomena in the early days was especially reserved for those who supported suppressing any and all information about Jews and 9-11, or Jewish control of many of the various large forums, and so forth.

The Bob Tuskin Tustle

As such, this show segment was a response to the incessant trolling and attempts by some within the Jewish community to dominate and impose themselves onto we, the non-Jewish collective. The segment (couple actually) provided insights into ways in which Jews seek and sought to control the manner and use of OUR LANGUAGE to communicate within OURSELVES the very delicate and troubling realities we find ourselves relative to our world and the the governments and people who seek to govern “over” us.

Today, with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and a host of other social media platforms, the reality grows that it becomes harder and harder for the controlling powers to limit discussions on the web.

Do they still try? Absolutely. Do they succeed in getting information removed from the web? Absolutely.

The Bob Tuskin Tustle was a segment that said what everyone was absolutely waiting for someone to say. It is a classic. Today, as “social media” is now “the King”, it might be hard for some to fathom that this show was revolutionary and remains so to this day.

We hope you enjoy the added video accompaniment.