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The Bundy – BLM Standoff – ITEL Radio for 4.12.14

Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle

Inside the Eye – Live! shifted to coverage of breaking news in the United States with the growing standoff between private rancher Cliven Bundy and the US Federal Government Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM. As the show aired, BLM militarized agents were actively involved in the theft of Bundy Ranch cattle and were seeking to use force of arms to impose their agenda on the Cliven Bundy’s ranch and property.

Land Ownership – the Key Issue


The primary issue surrounding the Cliven Bundy case is legal: who owns the land? This is a purely legal argument, and one for which Cliven Bundy has taken a deliberate tack in an effort to resolve the issue. In this issue, although Cliven Bundy “appears” to have “lost in court”, and hence is liable for fees being lodged against him, the issue really is far more complex and intriguing. At issue is literal control of State lands, for which the Federal Government in Washington, D.C., are claiming they have a right to most State lands in the Western United States.

What this means, effectively, is that in the western half of the United States, “the people”, if Federal laws are to be allowed to be upheld, are effectively confined to reservation system not much unlike that imposed on the native Indians.

The issue of land management, therefore, remains one of the primary keys to the legal issues at hand. On this issue, it appears that Cliven Bundy has not the communication skills to eloquently and effectively set forth his legal thinking and as such, is not able to garner enough support via the “sound bite” media within which we all must effectively communicate in today’s world.

Mobilization of Militias


One should not have any allusions as to the militant mentality of Federal agents involved in the destruction of ranchers in the Western United States. To begin, US$300K was paid to professional cattle rustlers to begin stealing Bundy cattle. The act was highly provocative and the action was carried out using a very dark shade of gray “Federal court” ruling as justification.

In response, militias from across the United States were mobilizing to face down the armed and dangerous Federal agents who invited themselves onto State land in an effort to seize control of more land for the Federal government.

An armed man stands watch as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

A modern day “showdown at noon” ensued, with Federal agents and armed militia members meeting under a bridge. A deal was struck to withdraw the armed and dangerous Federal agents, the cattle that were stolen were returned, and the situation resorted back to an uneasy truce.

Hidden Agenda’s, Constructed Pretenses


What is clear is that in politics, nothing is as it appears. Within the Cliven Bundy/BLM stand-off may be found a plethory of hidden agendas and constructed pretenses. The constructed pretenses are used as justifications in order to implement the hidden agendas. For instance, under the guise of environmental protectionism, the pretense of “protecting” an endangered desert tortoise is used to kick ranchers off of land they could otherwise use.

Once the ranchers are removed, then the land, and all its resources, can be put under private (government) stewardship and the land and assets auctioned off for whatever purposes benefit those involved in the hidden agendas. In the Cliven Bundy case, everything from fracking and oil to rare earth minerals to a solar power station supported by Nevada Congressman Harry Reid are all floated.

Yet what remains is the core issue. Who owns the land?

This show, plus further insights on the crisis in the Ukraine, made for a very fast moving and well appreciated show.

You can hear the entirety of the show here:

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