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“The Fetch” Guests Hosts on Circus Maximus – 6.3.16

“The Fetch” was a last minute guest host replacement for Nick Spero on The Circus Maximus Show on Renegade Broadcasting. The show began with a discussion about the “The Echos” symbol, or ((())), which apparently is a grammarian impersonation of an audible echo used when Jewish names were used on a show called “The Daily Shoah”. Apparently, Jew have twisted this bit of information into proof of some grand “alt-Right” conspiracy intended to “target Jews”. Nick, a former host at Renegade Broadcasting, called in to share insights on “the Echos ((()))” symbol.


The story line allowed for a discussion on the history of the Internet, the real nature of “targeting people” by Jews against those opposed to their agenda.

Jewish efforts to destroy Western civilization and the growing backlash to Jewish tactics and their agenda, and much more, made for a nice change and interesting show.

The show is available at Renegade Broadcasting or you can listen here:

The Fetch Fills in for Circus Maximus – 6.3.16