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“The Fetch” on “Adventures of a Feral Hippy” – 11.17.14

“The Fetch” will make a guest appearance on “Adventures of a Ferel Hippy with Mona Radler” on Monday, November 17, 2014. Topics of discussion will largely revolve around esoteric work from the Illuminatus Observor.

Log on for what should be a light and entertaining yet informative show!


Show: Adventures of a Feral Hippy with Mona Radler
Show Date: November 17, 2014
Showtime: 12pm – 2pm Eastern (GMT-5)
Appearance Time: 1pm – 2pm
Listen Live Links: Revolution Radio

Interview Wrap-up


As should be expected, this show was a bit eclectic, with the first part of the hour consisting of some light discussion about the Isisian Codes.

On the political side, The Fetch cautioned about buying into the “self depracation” that is inherent in the social programming, to recognize our collective contributions to the development of humankind, and to guard against those who would seek to take away from humanity that which has been created by the current and former generations.

In addition, Fetch delved into the differences between European and Latin immigration patterns, and the fact that European immigration was done for perhaps similar reasons as could be driving today’s Latin immigration to the United States, but European immigration was done at great risk to the individual – there was no “welcoming welfare” state to coddle and protect European immigration.

This was a pretty fast “1 hour interview”. Worth a listen. The Fetch as usual dances from topic to topic with casual ease in a sophisticated blend of entertainment and insights.

The Fetch on “Adventures of a Feral Hippy with Mona Radler – 11.17.14”