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“The Fetch” on “Revelation” with Paul Stevenson – 10.7.16

“The Fetch” will appear on “Revelation” with Paul Stevenson on Friday, October 7, 2016, from 2-4pm Eastern on Revolution Radio @ Call in

Show: “Revelation” with Paul Stevenson
Date: October 7, 2016
Time: 2pm-4pm Eastern (USA)
Live Stream Link: Listen Live
Station: Revolution Radio, Studio A

Paul is an Irishman national living in the UK. His show deals with issues as the Jewish power matrix, the “JQ”, and UK and European politics.


Show Wrap-Up

The discussion revolved around Syria, US Politics, Jewish power and abuse thereof, and ended with a rant about VoxDay and the trolling environment.

This was the first appearance on “Revelation”. Paul is a new talent at Revolution Radio and so it was good to have a chance and be able to support his efforts.

You can hear the entire show here:

The Fetch on “Revelation” with Paul Stevenson, 10.7.16