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The Fetch on The Graham Hart Show – 1.15.18

The Fetch appeared on “The Graham Hart Show with Brizer” on Monday, January 15, 2018 in what turned out to be an “over drive show”, running nearly 30 minutes over scheduled air time.  This was all brought about by what turned out to be a fascination conversation on Fetch’s early background, his early involvement with tarot cards, events which happened during the creation of the Isisian Codes and then on into Inside the Eye – Live!.

The show began with an update on latest Syrian War revelations which shows the United States working to develop a 30K man “border security force” under the guise of aiding in the protecting the border region with Turkey.  Syrian allies rightly see this as an attempt to occupy Syrian territory via proxy, while Turkey adds that this is being viewed as the arming of a terrorist organization that targets Turkey, and consequently, will be attacked.

Turkey, purportedly, has told the United States that its forces must stop flying Kurdish insignia on their uniforms or that American troops will be viewed as part of Kurdish terrorists units and will, hence, be directly targeted and that Turkey will “remove” Kurdish insignia from the Americans.

On the issue of massive immigration into the West and the preponderance of alt-Right personalities to place Israel as a role model for Europeans, Fetch advanced the idea that this is a false parallel: Israel and Jews are an invading force imposing themselves onto an indigenous population not unlike what current immigrants in the West are doing to the nations of Europe.

The real model the West should use regarding immigration should align more with that of Saudi Arabia, whose immigration polices are economic based, designed to cover labor shortages while encouraging rapid job growth for native Saudis while simultaneously seeking a way to diminish its expatriate work force.

The show ended with a discussion on the current state of alternative media, an analysis of some of the history and personalities in the alternative media, the overlapping nature of the “alt-Right” audience and the group that is promoted within the Grizzom (Mami’s Shit) network, the need to call people to action over the Alison Chabloz trial in the UK, and so much more.

For many, this show should be quite entertaining and informative.  Listen here:

The Fetch on The Graham Hart Show with Brizer

Note: The audio production for “The Fetch” was not as clear as perhaps we would like, but the message got through…