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“The Fetch” on “The Graham Hart Show” – 7.4.16

July 4th proved to be a windfall night for political discussion as “The Fetch” joined Graham Hart of The Graham Hart Show on the Renegade Broadcasting Network. Graham and “The Fetch” danced around quite a few subjects, from the obvious African nature of the France’s “EuroCup 2016” squad in the EuroCup 2016 soccer tournament, to the massive forced immigration being imposed on Great Britain.


BREXIT, Putin and Russia, Palestine, and quite a bit more made for a sound, sensible night of politically centered radio.

The final half hour was filled with somewhat of a rarity in the alternative media: humor. A pretty funny ending to a really relaxed and informative discussion. This show was really good radio.

You can hear the entire show here:

The Fetch on The Graham Hart Show – Renegade Broadcasting Network – 7.4.16