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“The Fetch” on “The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt” – 4.18.15

“The Fetch” appeared on “The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt” on the Renegade Broadcasting Network on Sunday, April 18, 2015 for an hour and 20 minutes or so of packed and informative conversation.

Kyle Hunt has always been a good interviewer, and this show does not disappoint. On the table of discussion were TWIB-FM’s recent efforts to trivialize “the Mantra and White Genocide” as put forward by Horus the Avenger, tales from the early and darker days of the Internets and the challenges to maintain a web presence in the face of Jewish trolling, as well insights on Putin, the survival of elements of National Socialism, and much more.

TWIB-FM, Trivializing #WhiteGenocide


We began the conversation with some insights on the recent TWIB-FM attempts at trivializing “The Mantra” as espoused by Horus the Avenger at White Rabbit Radio. TWIB-FM, a well connected Jewish aligned political oriented media property of Elon James White. Recently, TWIB-FM ran two shows (#663 and #664) wherein TWIB-FM sought to trivialize the idea of “White Genocide” through the use of forced integration and assimilation of non-Whites into traditionally White societies.

Show #663 was an expose on “the Mantra” from a Jewish/Black perspective, while Show #664, was an arranged show where a caller, Frank, who advocated for “the Mantra” and against #WhiteGenocide, was ambushed by the TWIB-FM broadcasting crew.

“Weev Auernheimer” – A Jew in a White Nationalist Cloak


We then discussed what it was like to be at the leading edge of information awareness in the early days of the Internet. Of particular interest was Fetch’s near decade long run in with one of the Internet’s most famous and notorious Internet cyberstalkers, Weev Alan Escher Auernheimer.

What few know is that “The Fetch” was “public enemy number 1” of A.A. Escher Auernheimer and his pack of sadistic, ruthless, gang stalking trolls. For years this group employed enormous efforts to try to eradicate Fetch from having a web presence.

Fetch ‘weevs’ a fascinating tale that is intriguing to hear!

Putin and more


A short discussion on Putin and Russia provided insights into dynamics at play in the larger battle between Jewish geopolitical power structures and the perils facing the human family. On this topic, Fetch is not in agreement with Kyle Hunt, but provided a concise analysis of Putin, Russia, and “the Red Army”.

All in all, an entertaining and informative interview. You can hear it here:

“The Fetch” on “The Solar Storm” with Kyle Hunt – 4.18.15