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“The Fetch” – Tactically Expressing your Free Speech – ACH – 6.9.18

“The Fetch” made an special appearance on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show which was made available on an exclusive advance to Grizzom’s.  Entitled, “Tactically Expressing your Free Speech“, the Fetch discussed various strategies to enable people to openly discuss political issues in an environment where Jews and their agents seek at every opportunity to stifle and censor people’s inherent rights to freedom of speech.

One of the first realities is to understand that we live in an era where Jews largely do not work in productive capacities, but instead are working in “managerial positions” largely centered on NGO affiliations, political, or economic.  Vasts sums of money are being poured into organizations whose express purpose is to attack Western values while censoring and stifling dissent to what is a rather obvious anti-Western agenda.

Tactics employed by Jewish trolls were discussed, such as trolls latching on to a target, harassing and stalking that target to the point of drawing a response such that the response can be used to silence the individual.  It is a patently unfair (Jew) tactic, but the tactic has been successfully deployed on the Internet since the earliest days of the technology.

Recently, it has been used to bring “criminal charges” against people as Alison Chabloz.

The technique affords us the ability to observe Jewish tendencies towards totalitarian tactics in their glee to harm others.

Observations let us know that Jews, an exceptionally aggressive and hostile minority, are serious about destroying nations within which they are operating, and that enormous efforts have been put into controlling the legal structures of the targeted country.  Politicians pass victimless crimes that enable Jews to use legalese to destroy individuals that serve added benefit of “setting examples” to anyone who might want or chose to stand up to Jewish Talmudic tyranny.

That such an environment exists means we must recognize that we no longer control our nations, that we are occupied by a hostile, foreign cabal, and as such, we speak in an environment where Jews will not hesitate to impose violence on any “offending voice” they hear.

We have few, but some, patriots in ranks of power willing to support our Western values against this foreign hostile occupation.  Consequently, we must continually refine our speech such that we can raise awareness to the point of reaching a critical mass intelligent and able to overthrow this hostile foreign occupation of our nations.

This show discusses many issues within this vein of thought.

You can hear the then entire interview here:

Tactically Expressing Your Free Speech – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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