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The Fetch to Guest Appear on “Reality Extraction” with MrRho – 6.4.15

“The Fetch” will be making a guest appearance on “Reality Extraction” with Dr. Rho. The show will air/stream at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern (USA) on Studio B @

Join “The Fetch” for what should be 1, and perhaps 2 hours of always fascinating and insightful talk radio!

Show Details


Show Name: “Reality Extraction” with Dr. Rho
Show Time: 8:00PM EDT (USA – GMT-4)
Studio: Studio B
Listen Live Link: Listen Live!

Show Wrap-Up – The Fetch on Reality Extraction with MrRho


From Da’esh, Yemen, Libya, Syria and more, the show moved from geopolitics to geocataclysms, polergeists, and more, this show offered a wide variety of interesting views on a wide array of topics.

Mr. Rho is a new talent at Revolution Radio and the refreshing different interview style added for some great conversation filled with fascinating insights and ideas.

A good listen for all those interested in the views and insights as provided by “The Fetch”.

You can catch the entire show/interview here: