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“The Fetch” with Alison Chabloz on The Graham Hart Show – 5.28.18

“The Fetch” appeared on The Graham Hart Show with co-guest, Alison Chabloz.  In what proved to be a very fast show, topics of discussion included Jewish domination of British spiritual and intellectual life, a control that is suffocating to the point of imprisoning people who dare speak beyond the very narrow, toddler Jewish mentality.  The ongoing Talmudic tyranny as represented by the very thuggish foreign sponsored NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism, the anti-British Israel NGO that seems to have direct channels to Britain’s political and policing institutions, was discussed at large.

In addition, the issue of Tommy Robinson was discussed at length.

The reality that Tommy Robinson was plainly breaking very well known U.K. law on court reporting, as well as Tommy’s virulent pro-Jewish stand were but a couple key points raised.  That Tommy Robinson’s arrest as sparked protests and nearly 400K signatures calling for his release tells us how angry, perhaps, Brits are at seeing their freedom to speak torn asunder.

It is a wonder that Brits don’t seem to grasp that one of the most egregious offenders of free speech are the very Jewish-Israeli NGO Campaign Against Antisemitism, which seems to be making it plain and clear that Jews are against free speech in the UK and will no longer be tolerating free speech.

An interesting show arguing that Jews are really enemies of the British people.

Listen here.

The Fetch on The Graham Hart Show with Brizer and Alison Chabloz – 5.28.18 


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