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The ITEL Cat Report


At Inside the Eye Live!, we love cats, and we have been reporting on our cats since the shows first broadcast.

The “Cat Report” began as a little side story to talk about the many cats that used to wander the halls of the shows production environment (our apartment). From a humble beginning of one cat, Mimi’s, our stable of cats grew to a steady stock of some 11-15 cats. And through the years, we have had some really great cats.

Jordan is difficult for cats, but there are more than a few people like ourselves who have taken it upon themselves to care for our feline friends. In fact, I know of 4 other people who profess to have more than 8 cats. A friend of ours currently has over 10 cats/kittens.

We have had many stories through the years. On one show, we had a house full of kittens, and the kittens found a way to chew through the microphone cable during the final hour of the show.

Today, as many of our listeners know, our move to a new apartment, intended to provide the cats with a safer haven, resulted in the exodus of all but one of our cats, Bruiser. Bruiser, aka, “my blind buddy”, is indeed that, blind, having lost his eyes from some serious viral infections when he was a kitten. Normally we lost cats who were as seriously infected as Bruiser, but Bruiser was a fighter, and he now thrives, having chased all the other cats away.

"Bruiser", chillin' on the floor and taking in the sounds.

“Bruiser”, chillin’ on the floor and taking in the sounds.

Today, Bruiser brings enormous companionship. He may be blind. He may be missing some teeth. But he is a “happy cat”, and we are the luckier to have him.


The “Cat Report” has been sponsored now for nearly a full year.

The sponsorship is intended more as fun and helps offset some of the financial operation of Inside the Eye – Live! (website, equipment, streaming hosting, etc.)

The Cat Report currently is sponsored for US$10.00 per show and has been sponsored by Frederick Blackburn and his business, North Cackilacki Trading Posts.  The sponsorship has totaled 30 full weeks.

Frederick C. Blackburn is an NSA whistleblower,  former 32 degree Freemason, and a former house candidate in N. Carolina.

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