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The Jewish Question, Trump and the Likudniks – ITEL Radio – 12.10.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, December 10, began with more discussion on the Jewish Question. Since the “Jewish Question” historically revolved around dominant societies discussing precisely “what to do with” their troublesome and meddlesome Jews, that Jews have ascended to dominate many, if not most, State institutions in the West, Jews have largely answered the question for European peoples: there is nothing the West can do with their Jews.

Further discussions revolved around the troubling reality that Donald Trump will be incapable or unwilling to “Make America Great Again”, precisely since one of the main reasons America has been in a state of economic, intellectual, and moral decline, is precisely because wherever Jews tend to “reign in power”, economic, moral, and intellectual decline for the people soon follow: America is no different.

With Trump not yet even in office, it is too early to “give up” on just what he can do, but as this show pointed out, his operation is dependent on a very large number of influential Jews.

Some international news, and a segment on the “private prosecution” of singer, Revisionist, and British Nationalist “Alison Chabloz”, who was arrested the day after her appearance on Inside the Eye – Live! and charged with “gross offense” for uploading a song poking fun at the Jewish myth of their 6 million, or something like that. Here video statement is here:

The final half hour of the show was dedicated to commentary in regards Alison Chabloz’s statement.
You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.10.16

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