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The Maccabre Imaginations of the (((Press))) – ITEL PT – 2.1.18

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time for Thursday, February 1, 2018, discussed the ever fascinating maccabre imagination of Jewish media chroniclers as well as the ongoing assaults on the public square by digital media properties as Facebook and Twitter intent on influencing the political process for the benefit of organized Jewish political interests.

A case in point is the ongoing efforts by media properties to sell the idea that the world should attack Syrian because Syrians are using “chemical weapons”.  Never mind that in virtually every single instance the source of these stories are proven frauds or liars, the attempt to sell these stories becomes even more galling when publications open their space for the Israeli government to essentially write the stories, thus showing that so much media in today’s environment is simply an extension of the Jewish globalist power and the “state” of Israel.

In hour 2, Jan Lamprecht from History Reviewed came on to discuss some of the latest intrigues in South Africa as Jewish power seeks to root out the Zuma presidency and install a “billionaire Mugabe”.  The ongoing efforts to eradicate S. Africa’s agricultural base, genocide of the Boers, mismanagement of the economy, and much more.

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Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time!

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