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The Nordic Resistance Movement – Interview on ITEL Radio – 6.18.16

Par Oberg, Robin Palmblad, and Emil Hagberg from the Swedish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement joined ITEL Radio for June 18, 2016 to discuss the Nordic Resistance Movement, the current political environment in Sweden, and the rise of National Socialism as the foremost bulwark against Jewish political efforts to destroy Sweden and Western civilization. A fascinating, well articulated hour.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – The Nordic Resistance Movement – 6.18.16

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden



The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National Socialist organization. Aside from Sweden, we are represented and active in Norway and Finland as well, making us the largest nationalistic organization in the North. We work both parliamentary and extraparliamentary.

Our political will can be briefly be summarized in nine points. If you support these points, you also support the vision of The Nordic Resistance Movement. Read the nine points here.

Par Oberg, Emil Hapberg, and Robin Palmblad’s presentation on the current political situation in Sweden was nothing short of fascinating, filled with on the ground insights into the current political situation in Sweden. Of particular note was the revelation of the near absolute suffocation of the language at the hands of Jewish political forces in the country. Speaking well of “Hitler”, or mentioning such political ideas as “National Socialism” can land one in prison on “hate speech” type “crimes”. Meanwhile, entrenched media and political forces are free to use such slurs as “Nazi” or “terrorist” in speaking about members of the Nordic Resistance Movement quite liberally, even though the use of such language is indeed intended to “promote hatred” against indigenous Swedish political activists.

As the discussion revealed, members of the Nordic Resistance Movement are well aware of the Jewish angle and efforts to destroy Swedish society. Feminism and the rising importance of women in Sweden in combating Jewish efforts to destroy Swedish society was discussed.

Quite a lot can be gleaned from this interview and it is a must listen for all who wish to educate themselves about what it is like on the front lines in the fight against “globalists”, or Jewish merchants of death seeking to destroy Western civilization.