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The Oy Vey Moment! – ITEL Radio –

“The Fetch” returns after a two week hiatus, broadcasting live from Amman, Jordan. The first hour featured the launch of “The Oy Vey Moment”, an intended weekly segment that highlights some of the more ludicrous kvetching of Jewish aliens who find it difficult to separate their cultural realities with the reality of, well, reality.

Hour 2 saw a brief expose on Megyn Kelly’s return to the national stage with her being granted a slot on a media panel asking questions for Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Hour 3 wrapped up with some news, primarily from the Middle East, followed with a caller (808 Free and Awake) which provided the backdrop for a brief exposé on the Isisian Codes.

The Oy Vey Moment Launches!

“The Oy Vey Moment”, a new segment we hope to make a regular feature of Inside the Eye – Live! debuted.  The initial slot has been sponsored by

The first Oy Vey Moment went to Fox New’s Tucker Carlson, and leftist “progressive” professor Weinstein of Evergreen University in Olympia, Washington.

Apparently, the good professor had a difficult time admitting that he was a Jew, that he certainly was not “a racist” – a term that in Jewland can only apply to those of European ancestry, and seeing how students at Evergreen were calling for his resignation due to his perceived racist (he is Jewish after all) views and attitudes, that indeed he should retire.

Our view is that since most of these groups are “people of color” following various Marxist/Frankist school ideologies, that these groups should be infiltrated and their energy turned towards attacking Jewish privilege everywhere it exists on America’s campuses.

The entire segment turned into a 20 minute rant, quite a bit longer than planned and projected, but well worth the listen.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 6.3.17