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The “Pi Day” Isisian Code Show – Inside the Eye – Live! 3.14.15


Pi Day, 3.14.15, made for a perfect backdrop to re-introduce the Isisian Codes to the listeners of Inside the Eye – Live! What many who listen to Inside the Eye – Live! may not realize is that “Inside the Eye – Live!” was preceded by a show called “Inside the Eye – The Podcast Companion to the Isisian Codes”, a podcast effort focused on providing accompanying oral explanations for articles appearing at “The Illuminatus Observor“.

The Illuminatus Observor is a blog that focuses on the esoteric construction of the English language. The hypothesis put forward is that “Pi” is the “Omnific Word” and the “Construct” that is the English Alphabet and language is “the return of this Lost Word” as espoused by the speculative arts of Freemasonry.

Codes and Ciphers in the Language – Episodes from “Inside the Eye”

For instance, if one is filled a sense of “spirituality towards God”, one is said to be “PI-ous”, or pious or filled with “Pi-ety”, or piety. In each case, the root of the word relative to being “in communion” or “in reverence to” God is the word/number Pi. Further, if one is said to have had a sudden awakening or awareness, the word attributed to this is an “EPIPHANY”, or the words E, Pi, and Phi.

Jewish Kabballistic Destruction of Mankind’s Symbols


A critical element in Occult deconstructions is the ability to penetrate the meaning of symbols. The word “symbols”, from the Greek meaning “To Compare”, is, as an Occult and practical art, the use of a tangible “glyph” to represent an abstract idea.

Glyphs are inherently two dimensional representations of three or more dimensional ideas. Glyphs include such representations as “Letters”, “mathematical symbols”, “astrological symbols”, to name but a few.

Symbols have within them inherent truths which lead back to their source of origin. Within the Occult Arts, it is Art of Qaballa that is largely concerned with deconstructing, disassembling, and then reassembling the inherent source and meanings mankind’s glyphs and symbols.

Part of the challenge to deconstructing and reconstructing symbolism is the existence of competing and diametrically opposed Occult forces. While one force builds and disseminates, a second, all powerful force, trails close behind, destroying or redefining glyphs and symbols in such a manner as to destroy the inherent coded meanings.


As a general rule, Jewish metaphysicians are the primary group dedicated and responsible for destroying “Pagan” symbols. Consequently, we find that Jews are exceptionally active as a group when it comes to destroying Pagan symbols.

One key strategy in penetrating reality is to return and reclaim Pagan/Western symbolism.

A Deconstruction of the Letters


Aside from reclaiming Pagan/Western symbols from Jewish decay and destruction, efforts to deconstruct/reconstruct the esoteric essence of the English Alphabet has been a primary effort at the Illuminatus Observor.

In this, the Inside the Eye – Live! “Pi Show”, insights into particular esoteric constructions within the English Alphabet was discussed.

One of the topics raised was the issue of the Alphabet as again, a two dimensional representation of a 3 or more dimensional concept. The ideas that letters are partial constructions of a larger concepts was set against statements made in the Mayan creation story, “The Popul Vuh

“Let us check a little their desires, because it is not well what we see. Must they perchance be the
equals of ourselves, their Makers, who can, see afar, who know all and see all?”

Thus spoke the Heart of Heaven, Huracan, Chipi-Caculha, Raxa-Caculha, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the
Forefathers, Xpiyacoc, Xmucane, the Creator and the Maker. Thus they spoke, and immediately
they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures.

Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as. when a mirror is
breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could see only what was close, only that was
clear to them.

This was largely an esoteric show. Although it was filled with some production challenges owing to the Internet quality within Saudi Arabia, the message gets through.

To hear this very rare “Inside the Eye – Live!” show, listen here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – The Pi Day Show! 3.14.15