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The Syrian Chemical Weapons Use Gambit – ITEL 4.27.2013

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The lunatics in search of a Greater Israel are at it again: cries that Syria has used “chemical weapons” and thus have “crossed a red line”, screach across print media and electronic airways calling for the West, and in particular, the United States, to “do more” in the largely Jewish effort to capture Syria using a rag tag group of foreign, despotic, Wahabist insurgents.

The “news” was everywhere.

“The White House said on Thursday the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad had probably used chemical weapons…” – CNBC

“What we have right now is an intelligence assessment,” Obama said Friday, in his first comments on Syria since the White House acknowledged Thursday that Syria’s government probably used chemical agents…”Washington Post

“Hagel says Syria has used chemical weapons” – Associated Press via Yahoo News

The message undoubtedly was repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times on Jewish controlled main stream print, radio, and electronic media outlets.

The headlines, of course, were bold faced lies as is typical of Jewish owned reporting outlets; one had to read the finer print (the story) to understand the degree of the headline lies and the reality of the story.

Hagel, for instance, NEVER said that Syria actually used chemical weapons as the headline “Hagel says Syria has used chemical weapons” loudly proclaimed, what Hagel said was “our intelligence community does assess, with varying degrees of confidence, that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically, the chemical agent sarin.

What, precisely, does “some varying degree of certainty” actually mean? To those who understand the total lack of professionalism in the United States intelligence community to produce meaningful and accurate reports, Hagel really said that Syria used chemical weapons with the same certainty that US Intelligence agencies had regarding Saddam Hussein’s vaunted chemical weapons capabilities.

They either have no clue, or they are lying through their teeth in service of a hidden agenda.

Israeli Defense Forces Source of “U.S. Intelligence”

Israel Source Chemical Weapons Intel

What was not being revealed was the incestuous relationship between American intelligence organizations and Jewish intelligence organizations, and the reality that American intelligence and security organizations are largely under the direction of Jewish intelligence organizations.

This point was driven home as the pretty apparent “drill” at the Boston Marathon was turned into some bizarre reality story by the Jewish security and media barons; it was reported that Israel was ordering police units to consult to American security officials regarding the Boston Marathon drill (bombing).

Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

“The investigation into Monday’s deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon has officially gone international: law enforcement officials from Israel have been sent to the United States to assist in the probe.

Israel Police Chief Yohanan Danino says he has dispatched officials to Boston, Massachusetts, where they will meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other authorities, the Times of Israel Reports.

The fact that American pubic security and intelligence officials openly court “Jewish intelligence” in “solving terrorist issues”, even in matters when it has become pretty clear to many that the Boston event was a maccabre “drill” and “hoax” hints at the total true ineptness of America’s internal security organs in service of the people, but it accurately reflects the reliance of America on “Jewish intelligence”.

In the case of the alleged use of chemical weapons, the above proved to be the rule, and not an exception.

“Brig. Gen. Itai Brun, the head of research and analysis in Israeli military intelligence, told a security conference in Tel Aviv that Assad has used chemical weapons multiple times. Among the incidents were attacks documented by the French and British near Damascus last month.”, chimed the Jewish owned CBC of Canada.

It was the Israeli Defense Forces head of Research and Analysis who was the primary source of “our intelligence” as mouthed by Barack Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and Defense Secretary Hagel. It was the words of a Jewish analyst with the Israel Defense Forces that was used to send to the four corners of the Earth the gambit that Syria had used chemical weapons and thus Jews should be rewarded with further military intervention on behalf of their proxy fighters in Syria.

The degree to which Jews proved their callous ineptness to a search for reality was accentuated by their lock on the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where Senator Feinstein crowed and cackled,

“It is clear that ‘red lines’ have been crossed and action must be taken to prevent larger-scale use,” she said in a statement. “Syria has the ability to kill tens of thousands with its chemical weapons. The world must come togethr to prevent this by unified action that results in the secure containment of Syria’s significant stockpile of chemical weapons.” – source , Washington Times

The total lack of intelligence from one of America’s Jewish leaders was absolutely stunning. The United States, under near total Jewish leadership, has shown a propensity to maime and kill thousands, and leave depleted uranium spread across the planet, but Senator Feinstein wants to speak about hypotheticals as if she actually has a clue relative to the reality on the ground.

She, and the rest of the Jews in question, really have no clue.

Syria Rebuts Chemical Weapons Charges

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zhohbi - source, Channel News Agency via link

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zhohbi – source, Channel News Agency via link

Syria, enduring 2 years of invasion by proxy, was quick to rebut Jewish intelligence reports parroted by American officials. Speaking to Russia Today’s English speaking website, al-Zohbi stated,

First of all, I want to confirm that statements by the US Secretary of State and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie. I want to stress one more time that Syria would never use it — not only because of its adherence to the international law and rules of leading war, but because of humanitarian and moral issues.

The lack of credibility of United States and other Western experts, most of whom it can be presumed carry the same level of subservience and parroting of the Jewish states “experts”, was not lost on Syria, who has called for an investigation on what is believed to be an actual chemical weapons attack launched by the invading and insurgent forces. Said al-Zohbi,

“We do not trust the American and British experts from a political point of view. We also do not trust their qualifications. Their aim is to juggle with facts.”

He added,

“We won’t mind if Russians would be among the experts, quite the contrary, we only welcome this idea. We are quite sure in their high qualification and ability to clearly see into such matters,”source, Daily Star, Lebanon

Considering that the Americans need to receive assistance from Israeli officials to solve the reality that there was a drill during the Boston Marathon followed by a most ludicrous story and timeline, al-Zohbi’s comments are rather prudent and prescient.

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