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The Travesty that was Boston


It was quite a surreal scene to witness as Bostonian’s in near unison lustily cheered as their city was plunged into total uncivilized blackness. Cell phone communications? Cut off. Public transportation? Denied. Ability to travel? Denied. International air links? Totally cut?

For what? Purportedly to hunt down “terrorists” who were of a whole age of 26 and 19. One young man and a teenager purportedly were the motivation to bring an entire majestic city as Boston to a complete isolated stand still?

What a pathetic display for all parties involved! The police and security organs? Wasteful and over-reacting to an exponential degree. Shutting down an entire city of 1 million people to chase down a 19 year old kid?

The precedent? Chilling.

Essentially, the people of Boston stood by while the Israeli/Jewish trained security forces of the city shut down the entire city for a day and more all to chase down a 19 year old kid and done so without even bothering to get a warrant.

Ah – the setting of those precedents (one of the real motivations) and the stupidity of Bostonians!

As the Protocols of Zion so aptly state:

In this way the peoples and governments of the Goyim, whom we have taught to look at only the outside of whatever we present to their notice, will continue to accept us as the benefactors and saviors of the human race.


Bostonians cheered! They cheered? Pathetic!

Cognitive Dissonance

Images, combined with words, make a potent mixture. Often, the unthinking masses are not able to objectively rationalize what is being set before them. Witness the near free fall of the Salomon Brothers Building on 9-11. It is clearly being “pulled” – destroyed through pre-set charges, a fact that points directly to 9-11 being an inside job and further, an inside job done at the behest of the rabbid Jewish supremacist Silverstein, but the people will believe what is put before them regardless of sense or logic.

Classic cognitive dissonance.

In the case of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, we are told by “authorities”, “authorities” trained largely by Jewish and Israeli government and non-profit organizations, that somehow reality is to be ignored.


In a classic case of “now you see him, now you don’t”, and witness the clown in the above photo with the American flag and cowboy hat. Also, notice the redheaded woman with the logo “S” on on the front of her overalls.


Well. In the first shot, our mystery man with his legs blown off is not present, and now he magically appears in a later shot? And what is this?


The “first responders” are busy checking the pulse of a couple “unconscious” patrons while our mystery man is leaking blood from two blow off extremities. But hey. Ho hum! No need to rush! All part of the drill here!

And then later.

Cowboy Hero Wheelchair

Our cowboy hero, not even part of the first responder team, is “mega hero man”! Not bad, our wheelchair victim has clearly died. He has lost all his blood or shall we say, there is not a drip of blood dripping from his wounds as he makes his getaway from the scene and our cowboy mega hero man is “holding the artery” to prevent blood from escaping, after the guy was not there, then appears, writhes while everyone gets a pulse check, then our uber cowboy hero comes to the rescue and can handle tying down blown off extremities without a proper tourneqhet, and is allowed to escort the “first responder” – not sure who the Asian woman is working for or if she is a local runner who is helping out here while the single EMT guy, in the yellow behind our uber cowboy hero clown and the Asian woman pushing the wheelchair.

See. Red paint on ground = blood.

Not here now here blown off legs guy writhe around a bit and then rescue by uber cowboy clown. Hey. See! Our guy with the lost limbs even got a visit from some sports stars!

Hey. Must all be true!

And people wonder why Jews think that the goy are stupid cattle?

In this way the peoples and governments of the Goyim, whom we have taught to look at only the outside of whatever we present to their notice, will continue to accept us as the benefactors and saviors of the human race.

The cognitive dissonance was stifling.

And imagine. The people of Boston CHEERED their immersion into martial law, as if somehow this staged event was “the real deal” and somehow the people of Boston were in danger of anyone save for their own government who rode is as “saviors”.

Listen to “The Fetch’s” commentary on Inside the Eye – Live! (ITEL Radio), April 20, 2013 here: