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The Tzim Tzum, Jewish Aversion for Truth, The Duke-Jones “Debate” – ITEL Radio – 8.29.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, August 30, 2015, took a turn into the mystical and occult for a second week in a row with a brief expose on the Tzim Tzum and its role in reality perception and reality perception management. The show then discussed some elements of the recent Alex Jones – David Duke “Debate”, and closed on some discussions on police “tactics” in the United States as well as some international news updates and commentary.

The show was technically a bit challenging. Apparently the Skype transmission was being sent out over a satellite from Saudi Arabia, a small fact discovered by the studio as they worked to debug the technical difficulties. Satellites essentially kill voice traffic and perhaps this is why we have such terrible success broadcasting from Saudi Arabia.

The Tzim Tzum and Reality Perception Management


The idea of the “Tzim Tzum” was entered into the discussion as a means to explain “reality perception” and “reality perception management”. Essentially, from a Kabballistic perception, in order to translate Jewish Kabballah back into a rational perspective, we simply must invert the concept and statements 180 degrees.

In the case of the Tzim Tzum, we simply reverse Tzim Tzum to reveal Muzt Mizt, or the play on words for Must Myst(ify). In the case of the philosophical concept underlying that of the Tzim Tzum, we find this 180 degree reversal pattern holds quite true.

The idea underlying the Tzim Tzum is that in order to effect “creation”, limitless light must be filtered and tinctured down so that the necessary vibratory rates are slowed such that existence can come into being.

Applying this concept to the world of politics, we can note that within the Tzim Tzum are compartmentalized stratus of comprehension and understanding. So too is this true within political operations. As one gets closer to the original plan as conjured and put into motion, the clearer one is able to see the larger agenda.

The further removed one is from the source of the idea, typically this results in reduced comprehension and understanding of the larger agenda at play.

You can see this concept play out in the world of “national security”, where information is withheld as one is removed from higher layers of security clearances, a process that results in oft deception and misconstructions by the masses outside of this layered world of reality.

The Duke-Jones “Debate”


In hour two, we discussed the recent Alex Jones-David Duke “Debate”, a show that for Alex Jones and the larger alternative media represented a sea change in the discussion of Jewish political and social machinations within Western civilization.

Although many tried to spin this story and event as a “win” for Duke, we saw it a bit differently. Truth be told, Jones let Duke speak. Jones himself hinted at the growing relevance of the Jewish centric subject matter by trying to downplay bringing people as Duke onto the show. The fact is, the Jewish question is no longer being regarded as “political and career poison” and is rapidly being thrust forward towards main stream discussion.

Jones seemed to hint that he was aware that he had a made a “pact with devil” as it were, and as such, allowed Duke to say things that Jones himself is simply unable to say.

You can hear this, and quite a bit more, here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.29.15