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“Thinus” – Spotlight on S. Africa on ITEL – 8.24.2013


Self described “political observer” “Thinus” from S. Africa was on Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss the transition and current political, cultural, and economic realities of S. Africa after 19 years of African National Congress (ANC) government. The interview was quite entertaining but was cut short due to an Internet line technical issue on the S. Africa side.

An Explanation of “Apartheid”

apartheidThinus spent some time explaining apartheid from an Afrikaner position. He raised the issue that the Apartheid System was actually brought into organizational practice by the British and that the political practice of Apartheid existed before S. Africa became a nation in 1961.

He added that in his opinion, Apartheid was misunderstood. What Apartheid was was a recognition within Afrikaner circles that there was an irreconcilable cultural gap between Afrikaners and the more tribal blacks within which their generations had settled.

The concept was really simple from the Afrikaner point of view: to the native African tribal population, you can have the country and do what you want with it, but leave the areas that we Afrikaners have built alone and stay out of our areas.

Apartheid was the ultimate repudiation of Jewish multiculturalism as described by Thinus. Although this perception may be a bit naive and generous in its interpretation of the underlying grievances within the indigenous populations, it is difficult to deny that the overthrow of the Apartheid system has had the expected disastrous effects on the resident Afrikaner population

The ANC as an Arm of International Communism


Often left out of the narratives of history is an accurate picture of the totality of the political dynamics. From the point of view of the indigenous tribes that made up the whole of S. Africa, the brutalities of generations of of “Afrikaners” was but of a never ending battle from the very earliest attempts by Dutch, and later English, colonizers to subdue and control the land.

Exploitation of resources to the detriment of the indigenous population clearly had deleterious effects relative to the relationship of the European colonizers and the indigenous tribes.

For the indigenous peoples, clearly a case can be made that their land and ways of life were being trod asunder by the Europeans.

However, we should not presume that European reactions towards the indigenous tribes was not equally motivated by atrocities being committed by the indigenous populations.

What is generally understood is that the African National Congress, formed in 1912, became an instrument of global Communism. We have witnessed across multiple countries and cultures that Communism, a Jewish talmudic fabrication, is no saint nor angel when it comes to the issue of committing atrocities.

Indeed, Jewish communism is responsible for a large number of the mass atrocities committed in the 20th century, and Thinus raises the point that the atrocities committed by the ANC and related organs were so brutal and barbaric that one cannot compare them to what we see in modern day forms of terrorism.

A Dark Future for S. Africa

The African National Congress has controlled S. Africa for nearly 2 decades. Thinus explains that poverty continues to spiral out of control. What we consider basic civilized norms, such as basic respect for elders and teachers, if virtually non-existent in South Africa’s tribal mentalities.

Corruption within the political and security organs of the State are rampant.

What is clear, according to Thinus, is that the overthrow of the Afrikaner has resulted in near chaos for all who live in S. Africa. In addition, crime against whites, a real genocide against whites, continues unabated with little deterrence in place to prevent crimes against the aging Afrikaner population.

As a cultural experiment, the reduction of S. Africa to a “single country state” where Apartheid is not allowed to flourish may be seen as a model and framework to deal with Jewish colonization of “Israel”.

You can hear the entire interview here:

You can hear the entire show, including the extensive analysis of the chemical weapons usage gambit by the West (chemical weapons gambit 2) here:

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