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Tom Goodrich, Author – Hellstorm on ITEL Radio 11.7.15

Tom Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944 – 1947 (Hellstorm), was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! for November 7, 2015. Tom’s came on the show to discuss the recent release of Hellstorm in German. In addition, The Fetch and Tom discussed the ongoing invasion of Europe and the United States, US domestic politics, and the Russian aircraft downing, as well the dangers facing the people of the United States of America from its internal enemies.

Hellstorm: Officially Released in German!


Tom Goodrich visited Inside the Eye – Live! to speak about the recent release of Hellstorm in German. The translation was completed by a Mr. Gerhard Ausmeier, a former East German who was the very first person to have been granted a Visa to enter into Western nations. Gerhardt is currently a musician and lives in Japan.

Tom spoke about how he always wanted to see Hellstom translated into German so that second and third generation Germans subsequent to WWII would have a chance to understand precisely what really happened in World War II and what their parents and grand parents experienced as World War II was brought to fiery end.

Another point that Tom made regarding Hellstorm is that Hellstorm is proving to be a book that delivers a transformative experience to anyone who takes up the book and reads it from cover to cover. People describe themselves as being “me before Hellstorm” and “me after Hellstorm”. Another key point raised is Hellstorm’s release in German is coming at a time when Germany is experiencing pangs of upheaval and as such, this upheaval may contribute to a growing interest in Hellstorm.

The Trump Express


Delving a bit into US domestic politics, Tom mentioned that he generally is supportive of what US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is stumping for. Other points raised were the reality that in the United States, there is generally no real independent candidate for senior level political positions in America. This is largely due to the fact that Jews control the mainstream media outlets and, owing to such, it is essentially impossible for any candidate to garner the necessary publicity to rise to national attention of that candidate does not adhere to Jewish group strategy political positions.

Trump is perhaps one the last chances for a semblance of independence for this generation of American voters.

On issues like immigration, trade agreements, and perhaps even Israel, Tom views Donald Trump as a force that puts some fear into the established Jewish elites in the United States as he has the financial wherewithall and social foundation to make a difference in combatting a Jewish agenda that appears intent on destroying the United States.

A Hodge Podge of Geopolitics


The interview concluded with a conversation covering a hodge podge of geopolitical issues, including the destructive nature of US foreign policy such as Ukraine, Libya, and Syria, as well as the recent downing of Russian MetroJet flight out of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Quite a bit of information contained in this interview, which was interrupted due to technical difficulties in the final 15-20 minutes. Still, entertaining and worth a listen!

ITEL Radio Interview – Tom Goodrich – 11.7.15

You can download the entire show here, ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.7.15, or visit the 11.7.15 Show Wrap Up Page