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Tom Lynch, and PMClassifieds on ITEL – 6.22.2013

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Tom Lynch is the proprietor behind and, two websites with seeming completely disparate purposes.

AntiNWO is a news and media content aggregation site focused on alternative media information and media personalities. The site is divided into News, Radio, Videos, and books, with full links to websites within each of the categories. The Radio page includes many personalities within the alternative media political and news analysis category, as well as a section on gardening.

Not sure how the two categories fit, but we will be sure to ask.

The Books page includes many links where the referenced books may be read online or purchased.

precious-metals is a newly launched web site that is intended to serve as an online classified advertising platform for the buying and selling of precious metals without third party intermediaries. His insights on the silver market should be of use and interest to anyone interested in the use and acquisition of precious metals and a medium of exchange.

Tom Lynch will be joining at the 11:00 EDT hour. The interview is scheduled for either a half hour or hour, depending on how the conversation goes.

Show Wrap-up


This proved to be an entertaining and informative conversation. We detailed some of the realities and common paths towards “reality awareness”. As seems to be the case, “9-11” seemed to be one of the pivotal events in the emerging “reality awareness” scheme.

Once one comes to understand that “9-11” is not as it appears, to those who seek to become “reality aware”, a strong yearning and search begins. Old beliefs are torn asunder and a new awareness begins to foster.


Inevitably, efforts to achieve reality awareness stir one to meet and ultimately reject those who are designed to a gateway with the express purpose to be a gatekeeper, as Alex Jones, the top alternative media figure, demonstrates and typifies on many key issues.


The second half of the interview revolved around Tom’s interest and promotion of physical silver as an investment and medium of exchange and he recent project Precious Metals Classifieds.

This portion of the interview proved to be quite an interesting and entertaining segment. Tom is clearly in his comfort zone discussing this subject and his insights into the history of silver coinage and paper silver manipulations and rigging was quite insightful.

Also, the relationship of gold to silver, wherein silver traditionally has a value of 1/16 the value of gold, added another bit if intrigue and interest. Currently, silver is approximately 1/65 the value of gold, hinting that if traditional spreads are to return, silver would have to markedly improve while gold would have to either stagnate or continue to decrease as the spreads approach traditional values.

You can catch Tom’s interview here:

Tom Lynch Interview on Inside the Eye – Live! – 6.22.2013

Alternatively, you can catch the entire show or right click/save [here].

Full Show – Inside the Eye – Live! – June 22, 2013