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Torah! Torah! Torah! – Jews Push for Sneak Attack on Syria – ITEL – 4.14.18

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 14, discussed the sneak attack waged by POTUS Trump against the Syrian Arab Republic.  Many angles regarding this event were raised, including the potential that this “attack” was nothing less than “theater” for the masses.  However, in a literal sense, the only conclusion that the attack on Syria can be viewed as is, if the story is as presented in various media channels, an act of war by a head of state (POTUS Trump) and was done so in a manner that was in violation of international law and a violation of United States Constitutional Law.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg getting grilled by Congress, totalitarian spreading to California, listener calls, and much more in a fact filled Inside the Eye – Live!

Torah! Torah! Torah!
Let everything be clear relative to Syria and the United States.  The United States dances to the tune of Jewish string pullers.  It is Jews who demand that the West wage war in the Middle East.  It is Jews who are largely behind the fabrication and dissemination of fake news.  It is Jews who are working within the political and media world to impose upon the American political establishment “dynamics” that create action for and on behalf of the “state” of Israel.


Israel is the enemy, and so too are Jews within the United States who gloat and cheer about their ability to impose upon American political establishments conditions such that only a Jewish position is heard and acted upon.

The Friday 13, 2018 attack by the United States against the Syrian Arab Republic was just one more such case of Jewish pressure being exerted by Jewish power such as to impose action.  In this case, the action was purely an act of cowardice no less than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

Torah! Torah! Torah!

Donald Trump had no mandate to launch an attack.  There has not been any declaration of war by the US Congress against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The Syrian Arab Republic has not attacked the United States.  Indeed, the Syrian Arab Republic has currently experiencing an invasion of its territory by the United States (also a clear act of war by the United States against Syria), and still Syria has not attacked US forces within illegally occupying (invading) Syrian territory.

POTUS Trump, for his part, showed that he lacks the ability to withstand pressure from external sources.  Instead, he bloviates like a parroting monkey the same dumb and dumber Jewish talking points of more people being “gassed to death”.  It is “Shoah II”, coming to a theater near you.  He is now compromised.  He has acted as a mafioso head, utilizing American national military assets and resources as if these assets are his own private individual assets.

This suits America’s Jewish political block just fine.  The truth is, this illegal act of war by Trump and his generals was clearly pushed by Jews and their international power structure.  Yet this is not what Jews sell.  They sell this entire event as a means to push more anti-White ideology.

They are not. Launching 105 plus Tomahawk cruise missiles and blowing nearly US$250 dollars is not a decision that should be granted to a single citizen of the United States.  If a CEO of a major stock holding company acted so idiotically, surely the board and shareholders would sue the CEO, and justifiably so.

If the rule of law truly prevailed over the land, the actions of POTUS Trump would be met with rapid impeachment and trials of his generals and all those involved in the process of waging war against a foreign nation without the agreement of we, the people.

But law does not rule over the land.  We live under the shadow of a mafia state where the Godfather can do as he pleases.

A show certainly worth a listen.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 4.14.18