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Trump Announces Move of US Embassy to Jerusalem – ITEL 12.9.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, December 9, 2017, began with a look at the ongoing destruction of property in California due to extremely rare and large (for December) forest and brush fires. The show then discussed the latest decision by POTUS Trump to move the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with the additional declaration that “Jerusalem” is the “capital of Israel”.

Fetch’s “take” on the issue digressed widely from others in the Nationalist community. Complete with many out takes from POTUS Trump’s speech announcing the move, the show definitely should bring about a perception on the event far removed from most talking points within the alternative media.

Brush Fires Erupt in Southern California

In Southern California, 6 major wildfires and an additional 14 minor brush fires broke out, causing extensive damage to property and massive evactuations.  The largest of the fires, the Thomas fire in Ventura County, has already consumed some 260K acres and caused the evacuation of nearly as many people.  The fire caused the destruction of over 900 buildings and damage to nearly another 200.  3 casualties were reported: 2 firefighters who were injured and an addition civilian who was listed as killed.

At time of this writing, the fire was/is still ongoing.  This story was the lead in story for the show.

Trump Announces Capital for the Jewish New World Order

In a (sorta) surprise move, POTUS Donald Trump announced the move of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In a convoluted speech that sought to justify what is an illegal annexation of Jerusalem by Jewish “One World Orderists”, Trump made the statement that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people was simply a “fact” and its recognition of such would greatly aid in the advancement of peace in the world.

Never mind that Jerusalem is, essentially, stolen land and that the decision completely trashes any pretext (there was not much anyways) of American fairness towards finding a final solution to the Jewish problem in occupied Palestine, what became more abundantly clear is that Trump appears  out of sync with global opinion and, under the influence or control of the Jewish lobby in America, somewhat deluded and delusional.

While some say that this was a “brilliant move by Trump” to expose Jewish power in America, the reality is, this event occurred on the eve of the Jewish recognition of Yud Tes Kislev, the birthdate of the Chabad movement.  The timing of the announcement clearly leans towards recognizing Chabad influence and control of the United States.

Lots of out takes from this show on Donald Trump’s speech announcing the move.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.9.17