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Trump, Purges, Hillary, Syria, and Prof. Hall – ITEL Radio – 10.15.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 15, 2016, discussed Donald Trump’s Presidential Debate comment about how Hillary would “be in jail” of he were running US Justice Department affairs. Along with this idea was discussed the complete lack of accountability within government whenever Jews rise to power and dominate national and international politics. Not only do Jews fail to sanction “their own”, their policies lead to tremendous social and economic failure over whom Jews are ruling.

It is a 2000 year old drama, it seems: Jews rule in ways that make their presence unpalatable, at best, hence the people must deal with Jews in their own unique historical context and rid from their midst Jewish political and social bases. This in turn feeds into Jews self fulfilling prophecies of them being eternally persecuted and ruling in ways they believe will be sufficiently totalitarian to maintain control of countries and peoples they rise to rule over.


The cycle has been repeated over 200 times and 109 countries.

Other issues discussed were the variances between Jewish controlled mass media and the oppositions use of social media. At stake is the hearts and minds of the people via reality perception. Here, Jewish mass media must be broken up like the American telecommunications giant AT&T. It is simply unconscionable that a very minor elite can come to grab, and then abuse, 94% of America’s (and essentially the West’s also) media.

Updates on Aleppo and Syria and newly started talks in Lausanne to discuss ways to reduce warfare in Syria filled a segment.


In addition, the show featured a total of over 1 hour of listener participation, with one very interesting half hour filled with information about the goals and aspirations of “families” who dominate Middle Eastern politics.

A good effort in what as more of a relaxed, calmly delivered show.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 10.15.16