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Turkey’s Slow Implosion, TJQ (The Jewish Question) – ITEL Radio – 3.5.16

Inside the Eye – Live! was in full rant mode on Saturday, March 3, 2016. The show began by looking at the slow motion implosion of Turkey as a stable regional power, which was then followed by a look at the developing debate within European centric movements and alternative media outlets as to whether to “name” or “not name” Jewish use and abuse of power in Western democracies.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.5.16

Turkey’s Slow Political Implosion

AFPTurkish police search through the wreckage of a blast-damaged building in Diyarbakir, on January 14, 2016. - Source -

AFPTurkish police search through the wreckage of a blast-damaged building in Diyarbakir, on January 14, 2016. – Source –

Hour 1 began with a look at the two key political issues: 2007-8 as the height of Jewish “Neocon” power, and the slow death spiral enveloping Turkey and her people.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Turkish power on the geopolitical scene was Israeli attack on the Turkish flagged ship, the “Mavi Marmara”. As part of an effort to bring badly needed supplies to the blockaded people of Gaza, the Mavi Marmara served as “the flagship” of a flotilla sailing to Gaza with the intent to “break the blockade”.

Deemed “a media stunt” by Jews, Jews sent a naval task force out to meet the ship. 13 “commandos” boarded the ship and murdered 9 passengers, including a Turkish-American.

No reasons were provided that made any sense as to why Jews thought it legal to board a ship in international waters, that was on a “media stunt”, and subsequently attack and murder 9 individuals.

The assault on the Turkish flagged vessel sparked “outrage” from the Turkish government in Ankara. Turkey’s President, Reccep Erdogan, cut ties with the Jewish “state” and demanded an apology plus compensation. This may all have been a feigned ploy.

The event appears to have been intended to masked a more sinister plot: the invasion and subsequent wholesale rape and destruction of Syria with Turkey playing a key role in collaboration with what appears to have been international Jews in the United States as well as the Jewish state.

The subsequent invasion of Syria resulted in the near total dismantling of a major share of Syrian factories which were broken down and carted off to Turkey. In addition, as the Russian Federation as released, Turkey has been involved in what is termed “industrial scale” theft of Syria’s natural resources.

This represented the ultimate height of Turkish power.

Time’s have changed. With the decline in international Jewish power, vis-a-vis the fall in Neocon power in the United States, Syria has survived and a new counter-offensive appears in the making.

The folly of Turkey to down a Russian SU-24 attack aircraft operating in Syria represented another nail in Erdogan’s coffin. What appears to have happened is that a second front has now been opened up against Turkey proper in the form of asymmetric warfare.

Direct economic sanctions against Turkey are decimating trade prospects for Turkish companies. Especially hard hit have been the agricultural sector. Major bomb blasts in major Turkish cities highlights dangers posed to international tourists. It matters not whether these bomb blasts are initiated by Turkish authorities or are external to the Turkish government.

It is clear that Turkey has become unstable.

Turkey’s re-opening of fronts in Kurdish regions of Turkey shows that the Turkish government is rapidly losing legitimacy, pushing the country closer and closer to a full on civil war.

Worse for Turkey, Erdogan’s government has pulled a page out of the Bolshevik playbook and began appropriating media properties in Turkey. Zaman Today, has been confiscated by the central authorities.

Turkey’s slow political implosion, brought about, perhaps, by the arrogance and hubris of its leadership, shows no signs of abating.

This show discusses many elements of the hidden forms of power structures that make its way to the surface on the political scene.

You can download the show here: [ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.5.15]

The Jewish Question – Can it be discussed?


The Jewish Question deals with the reality of Jewish political and cultural dominance, to name but a few. This power is real. It is tinctured. It is potent. It is not going to just “go away”. Power accedes nothing without a demand.

At issue remains framing the political debate and educating and raising awareness of issues central to not just “Whites”, but to all people who live within and have benefited by European values and ethics.

This show looked at numerous ideas and thoughts on how to express and discuss “The Jewish Question” that expressed itself in an extended “rant” on the subject. Listen at the above link or player.