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TWiB-FM, Saudi Led GCC Attack on Houthis – ITEL Radio – 3.28.15

Inside the Eye – Live! returned to Riyadh for March 28, 2015 where the lead story was TWiB-FM‘s attempted mockery and trivialization of the political efforts of the #WhiteGenocide movement as advanced by Tim Murdoch, aka “Horus the Avenger” of White Rabbit Radio. Hour number two consisted of commentary and insights on the GCC assault on Yemen’s Houthi tribe, while Hour 3 lightly delved into the German Wings crash as well as some updates on Ukraine made for a pretty fast paced show on Inside the Eye – Live!

TWiB-Prime – Elon James White and the Jewish anti-White Connection


TWiB-FM is a black oriented radio network. It’s CEO is “comedian” Elon James White. The network has such stellar sounding shows as “Black Nerd Girls” and “We Nerd Hard”. The network, on the face of it, is a ethnic (black) network targeting college and upwardly mobile black Americans.

The flagship show on the network is TWiB-Prime, hosted by “comedian” and CEO, Elon James White. The show is billed as “This Week in Blackness Presents TWiB! PRIME hosted by Elon James White. A Monday – Wednesday romp through race, politics and pop culture. A show not to be missed.”

Two recent shows, Episodes #663 and #664, focused directly on efforts of Tim Murdoch, aka “Horus the Avenger” of White Rabbit Radio, a two time guest here at Inside the Eye – Live!

First, I was impressed that a black radio show would be focusing attention on White Rabbit Radio, “the Mantra” and the issue of #WhiteGenocide.

However, the manner and form in which Elon James White and his cast went after the issue of “WhiteGenocide” was earily similar to the manner and tactics advanced by Jewish anti-Western political tactics.

Inside the Eye – Live! delved into the background of “TWiB-FM” and its links to the Jewish-centric political PR firm Moore and Associates, a company that lists as its “collaborators” such names as Ed Asner and the virulently racist anti-White and anti-Christian foul mouthed Jewess “comedian”, Sarah Silverman.

ITEL Radio for Mar 28, 2015 details many facets of “TWiB-FM” that points to this operation being a front to advance Jewish political agendas within the Black political demographic.

Saudi Arabia Spearheads GCC Attack on Yemen’s Houthi’s


Thursday, March 26, saw Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, hold a extremely rare press conference in the United States. Amb. Al-Jubeir made the startling announcement that Saudi Arabia, in conjuction with an addition 9 other countries, had begun an air offensive against Houthi rebels who had over-run Yemen’s capital, Sana’a last September, and who had detained and placed the current President Hadi under house arrest in January of 2015.

Although Pres. Hadi had been released and evacuated himself to his constituents stronghold of Aden, recent advances by Houthi tribes, who are said to be linked to Iran, had seen parts of Aden fall as well.

With announcements that the Houthi’s had come into possession or gained access US intelligence files held by Yemen’s intelligence services, Pres. Obama ordered out the remaining 1000 or so “counter-terrorism” operatives still operating in Yemen.

The bombing campaign of Houthi positions followed a few hours subsequent, while Hadi, UN Staff, as well as Saudi diplomatic staff being spirited out of Yemen via a naval operation conducted by Saudi naval forces.

Germanwings A-320 Crashes with Jewish Chabad Pilot at Helm


The final hour of the show included a brief look at the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 which apparently was purposefully flown into the side of a Swiss Alp’s mountainside, killing all 150 people on board.

That this was an apparent “controlled flight into terrain” crash, there are far more curious questions regarding this event.

For instance, with the irrational and legendary hatred that Jews have for Germans, why would Germans allow a Jew to control an airplane with Germans as the primary passengers? Further, why would the Chabad Lubavitch movement send a team “to help in the rescue”?

Who, at the end of the day, is “Chabad” relative to a plane disaster? Further, owing to the fact that this particular crash site is essentially a crime scene and hence a secure site, major questions arise as to Chabad’s motivation for sending a team.

There is zero reason for Jews to send a team to the crash site unless, perhaps, they are seeking to destroy evidence?

All of this and more, including an update on the latest developments in Ukraine, on Inside the Eye – Live! for March 28, 2015.

You can here the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – Full Show – 3.28.15