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“Ukraine”: Preparing for “Total War”


On the global stage, Petro Poroshenko, Victoria Nuland’s hand picked president of the Ukraine, is just short of being a “two-bit punk”, and his latest rants and ravings did little to help Poroshenko’s image on the global stage. Further, seeing how Poroshenko appears to accurately reflect “Ukrainian” – the core racial aspect of what it means to be “Ukrainian” – culture, Poroshenko has done little to aid in the advancement of Ukraine’s image and good will on the global stage.

To many of us, Ukraine is like the Israel of Eastern Europe.

Poroshenko, the rabidly insane Netanyahu of Kiev, speaks about Ukrainian’s constant desire and dream for “peace”, but their actions and deeds point to a culture that is quite primitive and barbaric. After the rise of the “Ukrainian nationalists” to power in a violent coup, Ukrainians have launched their “anti-terror-operation” (sound Jewish to you?) complete with massive indiscriminate bombardment of villages and cities as well as targeted shelling of schools, hospitals, and residential districts. Sound rather Jewish?


Poroshenko speaks about how “he is fighting against Russia”, who will magically appear to take over all of Europe and be in Paris by nightfall if he and his brave murderous thugs do nothing to stop the Russians “at the gates of Europe”. It is all very much as if he were being led by a Jewish State that believes that tribal defenders with Kalashnikov’s and some grenade launchers somehow have weapons delivery systems that can hit any target it so desires. Jewish media would have you believe just that!


Does anyone know the range of a Kalashnikov or a grenade launcher?

And worse yet, Poroshenko plays the “we are European card” like an insane and irrational Jewish politician, the virtual lot of whom are no more European than they are civilized.

Indeed, our Western world has experienced all too much barbarity from Jewish imposed bankers wars. And Poroshenko? He sounds like just another “mad dog”, irrational, insane Jewish warmonger. Recently, Poroshenko spoke openly about the total war mindset of Kiev against Novorossiya. Declared Poroshenko, “Our children will go to kindergarten. Theirs will sit in basements.”

Which sorta tells you all you need to know.

Novorossiya is and has always been a victim of a very vicious and real campaign of terror at the hands of “Ukrainians” – the “true Nationalist Ukrainian kind”. It is Kiev, like Tel Aviv, that has unilaterally declared what is and is not a “terrorist” and what then may and may not be done, international law be damned, to the residents of East Europe’s “Palestine”.

Ukraine Suspends Conventions on Human Rights


The “total war” rhetoric coming from Poroshenko and Kiev is being backed by concrete actions. On November 16, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council prepared a document, signed into effect by Presidential Decree (Poroshenko), that codifies the total war mindset of Kiev against Eastern Ukraine (Novorossiya).

The decree includes some of the following provisions:

  • A total freeze of payment of earned pensions to citizens residing in the Novorossiyan governed areas
  • A total freeze of all banking services, including the accounts of all individuals and companies in the Novorossiyan governed areas
  • An evacuation of all Kiev officials and closure of all Kiev offices in Novorossiyan governed areas

The decree includes state run companies and public services, including hospitals, schools, and emergency services.  In addition, prisons, as well as prisoners serving sentences under Kiev laws, will also be affected.

However, the most controversial, and troubling, element of the decree is Kiev’s unilateral, and formal, abrogation of the European Convention on Human Rights.  This treaty is the convention that guarantees human rights in Europe, but Kiev, being the Israel of central Europe, has never really adhered to any semblance of protecting human rights and worse, has been actively and openly involved in massive crimes against humanity and acts of genocide against the people of Eastern Ukraine.


The European Convention on Human Rights contains provisions for the suspension of clauses of the document when a signatory is

in time of war or other public emergency threatening the life of the nation.”

One can surmise that the real reasons for Kiev enacting such legislation and tactics is multiple in purpose.  Some of the reasons may include:

  • Economic siege – starvation of the remaining local population
  • Punishment of local population for supporting the current government in Novorossiya
  • Kiev is preparing for total war against the Novorossiyan held territories

What is clear is that Kiev has, with these actions, defacto acknowledged that Novorossiya is no longer Ukrainian.  Should Kiev view the Lugansk and Donetsk to be “Ukrainian”, it would be logical that Kiev would continue to pay for pensioners and state owned companies and their employees as they deal with what then would be a “fringe” element that is denying Ukraine full sovereignty over Lugansk and Donetsk.

Indeed, Russia had a similar problem with Chechnya that Ukraine is experiencing in the Eastern part of Ukraine, yet through the entire Chechnya conflict, Russia continued to honor its social obligations.

So we can surmise, perhaps, an even simpler rationale for the denial of payments to Eastern Ukrainian areas: Ukrainians are flakes.

Just as Ukraine wants gas for free, aid for free, indeed, a total free ride on much of everything, Ukraine simply does not want to pay pensioners for money it owes to people, and it does not want to pay for state employees and companies which are now hemorrhaging money due to the barbarity and incompetence of Kiev’s “anti terror operation”.

Kiev looks at a limited pile of cash.  The IMF is looking over Kiev’s shoulder.  Kiev wants more weapons to continue its crimes against humanity.  “Nuland” may even be raving like a lunatic seeking a resumption of warfare.

Well, by taking millions off the payroll of Kiev, simply put, Kiev can save a lot of money by simply not paying.

Putin Says “Nyet”


However, no one has any allusions that Kiev is simply going to suddenly become friendly and begin seeking a rational solution with the break-away provinces.  

Kiev’s genocide against the Eastern parts of Ukraine will continue, or certainly Kiev will continue to try.

But apparently, Putin has said “Nyet” to the total genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukraine’s former Eastern oblasts.

In an interview with ARD Television, Putin had the following to say:

Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don’t. And we won’t let it happen.

Ukraine, the Israel of central Europe, is preparing for total war and, apparently, like Israel, has a death wish.

Stay tuned.