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Unite the Right and the Carnage of Charlottesville – ITEL Radio – 8.19.17

Saturday’s August 19 edition of Inside the Eye – Live spent the first hour discussing the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and the ensuing carnage and fallout incurred by America’s independent nationalist and right wing alternative media outlets.  In hour number 2, Dean Henderson, from Left Hook with Dean Henderson, joined to discuss some of the geopolitical machinations ongoing as well as voicing his support for Antifa attacks on American nationalist and European ethnic groups.  Hour #3 saw Brian Ruhe from The Brian Ruhe Show,  come on to discuss his experiences as a practicing Buddhist, his experience at being attacked and banned from teaching through efforts of B’hai B’rith, and much more.

Listener calls filled out much of the second half of the first hour, delaying the much beloved Cat Report and Oy Vey Moments to hour number 3.

The Carnage of Charlottesville

The big alt-news “news” was clearly the carnage following the apparent manufactured civil unrest pitting an illegal chaotic “Antifa” with an organized and legal rally being held by European centric groups seeking to rally to promote European values and identity.  From the many eyewitnesses reporting on this matter, the idea that the mass unrest was staged, with “Antifa” and “KKK” actors being bused in on the same buses, with the imported Communist riff raff being channeled such that they could directly assault the peaceful and organized pro-European centric groups, all of which was followed by a rather suspicious “death” of a Communist rioter when a vehicle rammed into a pack of rabidly wild protesters, and, well, you have the makings of chaos.

In the following day, the tactically stupid Andrew Anglin and his moronic sidekick, Andrew Escher “Weev” Auernheimer, served up a cheap volley that Jewish media and tech companies were lying in wait to pounce on.  After attacking a dead woman (that was probably a false flag anyways),  extrajudicial forces (Jewish) with list in hand began immediately removing sites that promote Western heritage and political values from the Internet.  Other sites, although not purged, found themselves being “deplatformed” from financial processing  platforms like Paypal.

Although clearly this was a set-up to attack the growing Nationalist Internet activist movement on the net, the tactically stupid Andrew Anglin and “Weev” Auernheimer, each rumored to be Jewish themselves, served up the cup cake volley that set the whole carnage on the net in motion.  With phone calls, all of this discussion made for an entertaining first hour.

Left Hook with Dean Henderson filled hour 2
Brian Ruhe from The Brian Ruhe Show filled hour 3

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.19.17

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