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US Foreign Policy, Trolls and Sotomayor, and GCC Summit – ITEL Radio – 5.16.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for May 16, 2015 delved into the defacto use of chaos as a means of US foreign policy, trolls and Sotomayor, and the GCC summit at Camp David. A phone call from long time listener and supporter “Frank” came in and typical Saudi Internet quality created a difficult listening experience – skip through the section or try to meddle through it. The call ends at around 1:07 of the audio file.

However, over all, this was a very fast paced show with a number of quality rants.

US Foreign Policy – Managing Chaos


A key factor driving US foreign policy is the use of chaos as a means of control and economic management and development. I know, it all sounds counter-intuitive, and it is, but we must understand that US foreign policy is largely driven by Jewish interests. Consequently, we can expect that economic development is not wrought through what we in Western civilization see as sound and rational ideas. Investment and money is not made through growth. Money is made through constructive destruction.

What this means is that within the global market place, even as American products are often viewed as superior in quality, the reliance on the use of force to impose contracts has brought about a layer of management in US corporate infrastructures that have lost the ability to compete in the global market place.

Unless the US military “invades” or otherwise, through “color revolutions”, imposes leadership on a country that is serving US, rather than domestic, interests, major US corporations simply lack the vision to grasp changing business climates.

America’s reliance on force to bring and enable contracts has not effected US technological competitiveness, but it has effected American corporate managerial competitiveness. Must more on this idea in hour 1.

Tommy Sotomayor and “Trolls”


In a recent, May 14, 2015 Tommy Sotomayor show with Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed Alot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry“, Sotomayor and Flaherty discussed black on White violence, and quite a few more issues.

One key issue brought up by Sotomayor is the manner and nature of “trolls”. This led to a very animated discussion about the real nature of “trolls”.

One interesting observation is the difference between a common burglar who breaks and enters, and often understands that his life might be on the line, as opposed to the nature of hackers, who are breaking and entering and causing damage but do so as cowards behind an anonymous wall.

A fascinating listen.

You can also listen to the Tommy Sotomayor – Colin Flaherty Show here. Of special interest is around the 34 minute mark, where Sotomayor brings up with Flaherty the issue of media bias and Jewish owned media.

The Camp David “GCC Summit”

Source - AFP

Source – AFP

The final hour included a discussion on media framing and the idea that the just the GCC Camp David Summit was a “snub” to the United States owing to a lack of heads of state to the summit. Framing by RT, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal were analyzed, with a primary focus on RT (Russia Today).

The reality remains that American’s at certain layers of government must understand that we have two primary problems: Israel, and Israel. Consequently, virtually all US foreign policy is driven largely to uphold and advance Israeli interests vis a vis Israel’s agents in Washington.

Issues as Iran, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Chechnya, and more have awoken political elites in Russia, China, India, and quite a few more. This loose block of countries is posing a serious long term strategic challenge to the United States, which continues to wallow in mediocre Jewish strategic thinking that chaos and destruction of countries that cannot be “pliable” to the United States.

The GCC Summit can and should be viewed in this manner of thinking. With allies the world over becoming more and more wary of being too close to Jewish run America, bringing the GCC together presents a business and strategic opportunity to advance relations in key block that remains friends of the United States.

Quite a bit to hear in this show. You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.16.15