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US X-Mas Facts & Figures, EU Immigration Crisis, Listener Calls – ITEL Radio – 12.19.15

The final Inside the Eye – Live! prior to the Winter’s Solstice and the 2015 Christmas holiday went off without a hitch, with lots of Christmas business facts and figures. The show also looked into the Trump phenomena, the European immigration crisis, and the challenges facing individuals who seek to raise their voices against those with an “anti-White” agenda. The show closed with what turned out to be a “listener round-table” as we discussed the insanity of people who seek to inject “political correctness” into the larger political debate.

U.S. Christmas Facts and Figures


With the Winter Solstice set to land on December 22 at the “:49” of the hour (4:49am GMT), Inside the Eye – Live! looked into some of the Winter solstice traditions around the world, from China’s Dhong Zhi to the Hopi’s Soyal Festival.

After that “world wind tour”, we looked at some of the various facts and figures that make up the US holiday season.

Whether it is the 1.6 billion (some sources say 3 billion) Christmas cards sent out each year, to the 690 million packages expected to be carried by the United Parcel Service, to the many millions of Christmas trees harvested or “fake trees” sold each year, Christmas truly is THE heavy weight in global religious and human celebration.

The show also discussed a US and Canadian holiday drinking tradition called “Egg Nog” and how the storied drink even has a riot named after it after a drunken riot occurred at West Point in 1826.

All in all, lots of low key fun facts to start the show.

The “Perils” of Discussing “Immigration”


The show migrated to a discussion of “immigration”, and more poignantly, a discussion about the perils and minefields one must navigate when one decides and tries to discuss “immigration”.

Reality be told, there is a huge base of established groups organized specifically to create conditions that encourage mass immigration into Western civilization while at the same time, seeking to minimize or absolutely silence citizens of these countries from having a voice in the political processes that are shaking their countries and, ultimately, the demographics of their countries.

Those who wish to discuss this phenomena are often hit with a fusillade of labels, from “racists”, to “xenophobics”, to “Neo-Nazi’s” to “anti-Semites”: the array of assault words is quite extraordinary and intended to cut with particular viciousness.

We discussed dealing with this particular issue, of course, quite a bit more in hour number 2.

“Political Correctness Listener Round Table”

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The show ended with quite a large number of callers calling in to refute a particular caller who was keen to inject “political correctness” and “imposed definitions” into the discussion.

At one point, some 6 callers were on the line, making for quite a lively and spirited discussion. The result was quite a different show that should appeal to many. You can hear it here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.19.15