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VE-Day 2015, Russian Military Parade, UK Elections – ITEL Radio 5.09.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for May 9, 2015 proved to a fast paced, entertaining, information packed show that covered a wide variety of subjects. Leading off with a fascinating human condition known as “lexical gustatory synaesthesia”, the show seamlessly migrating to a discussion of VE-Day, Russia’s VE-Day Parade, Jewish involvement in Russian and Western politics, the UK general elections, and a brief update and observations on the unfolding Saudi-Yemen conflict.

Bacon, Shakespeare, and Lexical Gustatory Synaesthesia


The show began with an introduction to a human condition known as “lexical gustatory synaesthesia”, a condition whereby a person’s auditory and taste senses do not operate independently. This means that the very words themselves evoke flavors. Perhaps we have found the source for our fascination with “bacon” as a running theme on Inside the Eye – Live!

As many know, The Fetch is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The hypothesis put forward at the Illuminatus Observor is that true to Qaballistic principles that merge letters/numbers/sounds into an unbreakable matrix, the theory is extended out to the reality that not only letters are merged to numbers, but the Alphabet itself is a number.

That number is Pi, which is also referred to as “the Lost Word of Freemasonry” or “the Omnific Word”, or many other occult linked names. However, the deductive reasoning required to attain this information or knowledge is directly derived from a fusion of Oral traditions with that of Written traditions.

The Oral traditions are as speech, or the word SPEAK, which as we learned, has a flavor of BACON. That is it! Sir Francis Bacon is linked to lexical gustatory synaesthesia, which is linked to SPEAK, which is linked to the Oral traditions. Who could have known?!!!

Overall, though, a pretty interesting segment!

VE-Day – Russia and the West


There is a small bit of controversy surrounding the formal historical day and time that World War II in Europe ended. The West, to include the French, UK, and USA, celebrate the day on May 8, while the Russians celebrate the day on May 9. This has to do with a signing conflict between Germany and the West and Germany and Russia. It seems the Russians delayed getting their documents to the Germans on time and there were a couple sentences missing. Before the final documents could reach Germany, the document was signed by Field Marshal Keitel some 75 minutes after the end of the war as signed between the Western powers. This 75 minutes pushed the time and day into the early parts of May 9.

Hence the historical discrepancies and confusion.

For their part, Russian staged a massive VE-Day parade in Europe. Nearly half of the world’s leaders were present, including United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian President Pranab Mukherjee. They were treated to a stunning display of “throwback” military uniforms and weaponry from the World War II era to the latest dress kits from Russian military stores.

In all, over 16K Russian troops participated, as well as contingents from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, India, Mongolia, Serbia and China. Adding to the participation of Russian military formations were military support and civil defense forces, including railroad transportation personnel, biochemical warfare specialists, Interior troops, Emergencies Ministry troops and Border Service guards.

World War II era and the latest advances in Russian defense systems.

For his part, President Putin thanks Western countries for their assistance and efforts in defeating Germany, but openly warned about those seeking to create a unipolar world, a direct reference to what we term in the West as “Jewish control of Western power structures”.

Resolving Underlying Historical Animosities between Russia and the West


If we are to heal latent cultural wounds between Russia and Europe and “the West”, a critical element to bring to the surface is the reality that the Soviet Union was largely, indeed, almost entirely, a Jewish construction and fabrication. The ruthlessness, sadism, anti-Russian nature of Jewish Bolshevism is very well know to the Russians.

On the other hand, Germany had already experienced the moral decay and total depravity that Jews brought with them through their experience with Weimar. Germany also understood very well that the Soviet Union was an enemy of Western civilization – not by virtue of “Russians”, but by virtue of the spell and dominance that Jews had over the totality of Russia’s vast territory and peoples.

World War II in Eastern Europe was not a war really between Germany and Russia. The war was a war against Germany as a vanguard of Western civilization, and a Russia that was under the dominance of totalitarianism that the world had never witnessed before.

It is also true that the Western democracies were under largely under the yole of Jews without the overt totalitarians as witnessed in Russia

It is really time for Russians to understand and recognize the nature of what was the Soviet Union. This was born out in Germany’s defeat and the subsequent massive crimes against German civilians and military personnel that were inflicted on German civilians and soldiers well after the war.

Russia has slowly begun to free herself of this disease of the human spirit, but the West has yet to come to grips with this reality. Hence Russia warns against a unipolar world and warns in other ways about the dangers posed to the West.

Without a reckoning of Jewish crimes against humanity that stretch back to the Soviet Union and into the Western nations conduct of war in Europe, Japan, Vietnam, and especially in the modern era with Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine, Russians rationally must comprehend and understand that their enemy that they slowly extricated themselves from after nearly 100 years of Jewish domination is still very much in power in the West and controls weapons and economies far larger than Russia.

But we, the people, must begin the dialogue to “clear the air” so that both sides understand that humanity was a victim of a single enemy that hides now behind fabrications as “Holocausts” which they themselves wrought to the rest of humanity and continues to inflict on humanity to this day.

There is much to this show. The audio quality is excellent and the content entertaining and well worth a listen. You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.09.15

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