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Venezuela’s “Nutrition Emergency” and Importance of “Prepping” – ITEL Radio – 2.20.16

Venezuela’s recent announcement that the country is facing a “nutrition emergency” (translates as running out of food) set the backdrop for a discussion of personal family responsibility to prepare for unforeseen turmoil in food distribution logistics. A look into the use of famine (starvation) as a preferred strategy of “elites” to cull human populations was also highlighted. Listener calls made for an engaging, insightful show.

Famine – A Grisly Population Reduction Strategytumblr_inline_ncohwupvs71rfyc6s

Famine’s, both natural and “man-made”, have often plagues mankind. Consequently, the creation of strategic food reserves is one of the most basic responsibilities of a government, seeing how governments are “supposed to be” but representations of “the people”. The grisly reality, however, is that governments have often used “famines” as a means to coerce populations or worse, simply starve them out of existence.

Perhaps no country has used this technique to more effect than the British Empire after the rise of Jews after Cromwell’s successful submersion of the prior English order. From Ireland to India, famines have been engineered to killed millions of the human family.

Indeed, Jews seem to delight in the use of famine to kill off “undesirable elements of society”. Communist operatives (Jewish) in Ukraine managed to kills some 7-10 million Ukrainians, while the Maoists of China managed to kills some 36 million Chinese and cause the loss of some 40 million births, for a total of 76 million lost to China’s population during 1958-1962 (source).

That Venezuela has now declared a food emergency just highlights that in today’s day and age, it is still important for families to take measures to ensure some cushion from an extended loss of food availability through current logistic channels.

You can hear this, plus a lot of information on prepping and more, here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 2.20.16

Common Sense Food Security Preparedness

Prepping101_3 is an official website of the US Department of Homeland Security. The site focuses on emergency preparedness, providing information on how to prepare survival kits to last a duration of a minimum of 72 hours and beyond.

A 72 hour window is a very small window to prepare for.

This show focused on longer term preparations and strategies for long term survival, including surviving in a “hostile” environment. From self gardening, to canning and preserving, to stocking in multiple rendezvous points, family survival preparation from natural disasters, logistical disruptions, or “hostile” environments is just sound, rational, and responsible.