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Walter Scott Shooting, Yemen and US State Department – ITEL Radio – 4.11.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for April 11, 2015, discussed the Walter Scott shooting in S. Carolina, as well as international events as Yemen, Russia and it’s seeming efforts to avoid becoming immersed under “the New World Order”. Additional international news and insights added to a very interesting show.

The Walter Scott Shooting – A Flight from Child Support Extortion?


The Walter Scott shooting by a S. Carolina “white” officer by the name of Michael Slager. The position here is very simple. With the rational and intelligence bar being reduced more and more, what we are finding in the United States is that police are essentially a class of people who are intellectually deficient for the job at hand and, owing to their lower intelligence, Americans do not want to be getting themselves into accepting a reality where cops can behave as the judge, jury, and executioner.

Worse. We are finding disturbing patterns relative to policing in the United States. In the case of Walter Scott, we have a 52 year old man being pulled over for a broken tail lamp. A real serious question arises: how can police be so inept and stupid that a “broken tail lamp stop” escalates to cold blooded murder by the cop against the “offending” driver with a broken tail lamp?

Can any cop explain such lunacy to me?

However, as we dug into the story, we came across a father’s rights activist, Tommy Sotomayor who put forward the idea that one of the underlying pressures under which Walter Scott was dealing was that he had already spent 6 stints in jail for child support and that 1/8 of S. Carolina’s male population is in prison due to what is amounting to “child support extortion”.

With this angle to the story, it makes sense why Walter Scott’s tail lamp on his car was not fixed: he first had to pay a ton of back money for child support (plus interest). So for some black woman demanding that “she get her money”, an officer is in jail for murder and a black man is dead.


Welcome to ‘Merica.

Russia and the New (Jew) World Order


Another developing global theme is the continuing, or completed, digression of “the West” into total decay. When it comes to “doing business with the West” as regards international law and international affairs, a sad reality is that “the West” has become thoroughly discredited and distrusted.

The Russians, for their part, have been able to rid their society of much of the Jewish fifth columnists that held strategic positions withing the administrative body of the Soviet Union and the latter Russian Federation. This was achieved during the purge of the middle to late 1990’s, when a large number of Jews emigrated to Israel and the United States.

What appears to be happening now is that Russia and China have made a decision to disconnect from the Jewish money system of the West. A competitor to SWIFT and the development of inter-bank clearing platforms completed by both Russia and China, as well as the creation of a non-Western sovereign investment development bank ensures that Western influence and good will has reached a terminal level.

The latest events in Syria and Ukraine have driven final nails into whatever allusions Russia had in dealing with “the West” on an equal and partnership basis.

US State Department for Yemen in Chaos


It was not too long ago that the geopolitical geniuses within the State Department and Executive Branches of the US Government were hailing the success of Yemen as a showcase in the “fight against terrorism”. Clearly such statements were not rooted in a true understanding of the facts on the ground, so one has to wonder what all those intelligence assets deployed in Yemen were really doing.

The United States has lost total control of Yemen.

The country has spiraled out of control. US State and military/intelligence assets have been routed. US intelligence files in the hands of the former government have become completely compromised. The Yemen central government has been chased out of the country, with small and scattered contingents remaining in the southern port city of Aden. Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with 10 GCC countries, have started an extensive air campaign to try to reverse the success that was American in Yemen.

And now this:

Pakistan, long expected to be trump card that the Saudi’s could play in time of severe consequences has politely declined to be a party to the growing operation in Yemen.


Then there are the reports of American citizens being completely abandoned in Yemen, with the State Department essentially falling back on statements that Americans were advised to avoid travel to Yemen. American efforts to extricate American citizens is limited to giving instructions to seek the help of any country willing to assist, be it India or others.

In the meantime, Russian has conducted an airlift and extricated over 300 citizens from multiple countries.

It is becoming painfully clear that the United States needs to completely revamp its personnel responsible for international affairs. Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Libya – all proof that leaving a trail of destruction is the only strategy for those in charge of US foreign policy.

And that hints that America’s foreign policy is not in America’s interests, but rather the interests of a ruthless cabal.

You can hear the entire show here:

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