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Western Wildfires, Anti-White Racist Media Framing, Current Events and Jewish Political Propensities – ITEL Radio 8.1.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for August 1, 2015 continued broadcasting from Taif, Saudi Arabia. To be begin the show, we began with additional information regarding Taif and its importance as a military city. It then proceeded into a discussion of Western USA “wildfires”, the recent racist comments inherent in the defense of former host of the television show “The View”, Elizabeth Hasselback, and then closing with a discussion on current events and Jewish political propensities when confronted with circumstances where they are not able to “get what they want”.

California Wildfires


We began the show with a discussion of natural occurring conditions that contribute to wildfires in the state of California. From the proliferation of small shrubs that cover much of the hillsides in Southern California to the expansive forested areas that cover the middle center to norther mountain range running up the Eastern edge and into northern California, California presents a constant invitation for fires to not only start, but spread rapidly when the drying effects of Summer take hold on the vegetation that covers California.

Add in the additional dangers of “Santa Ana” winds in the south and “Diablo” winds in the North, what presents itself is a set of circumstances that can have disastrous effects on the people of the California.

Although we discussed many fires that have ravaged parts of the United States through history, two absolutely devastating fires in the history of the United States occurred in California. These were the “Oakland Firestorm of 1991” and “The California Wildfires of 2007′. The Oakland Firestorm consumed a relative small amount of acreage, 1500 or so acres, but completely torched 3,500 homes, apartments and condominiums in what was additional an upscale community. When the final tally was compiled, the Oakland Firestorm caused over US$1.5 billion, making the fire one of the most costly in US history.

In 2007, the “California Wildfires of 2007” comprised a series of fires that burned through over 500K acres Santa Barbara County down into San Diego County and the Mexican border. The “California Wildfires” are particularly notable in that they caused the largest evacuation in US history. Over 1 million people were displaced, while over 1500 homes were lost in San Diego County alone.

As the fire season just begins to get into full swing in California, according to Cal Fire, a public site that tracks fires in California, no fewer than 21 fires were ongoing in California, 18 of which were considered “large”. There were over 8000 firefighters deployed to fight the fires. California’s Governor Gerry Brown declared a state of emergency for the northern California counties affected by the fires and California’s National Guard had mobilized 9 aircraft to assist in fighting the fires.

“I Never Picked Cotton”


Inside the Eye – Live! delved into the recent controversy regarding Fox’s Conservative Pundit and former “The View” host Elizabeth Hasselback and her comments regarding the recent death of Sandra Bland, a black women who was arrested under spurious conditions and later found dead hanging in her jail cell.

We first touched on the relationship of police in America and “we, the People, whom the police ‘police'”.

In short, Sandra Bland was purported arrested because she did extinguish her cigarette when commanded by the “officer”. This resulted in ever increasing layers of escalation that resulted ultimately in Bland’s death. Hasselback asked on “The View” whether the cigarette could have been used as a weapon, for which some of The View’s hosts and a wide swath of ready to pounce “Social Justice Warriors” immediately condemned the statement by Hasselback as “racist”.

In defense of her former co-host of 7 years, Whoopie Goldberg said that “Elizabeth” was not a racist and that she had never asked Whoopie to “pick cotton”.

At this, Inside the Eye – Live! took major exception, for the very statement by Whoopie Goldberg itself holds racist overtones that seek to dismiss actual history and place all the onus of “cotton picking” as some machination of evidence of “White racism” towards blacks.

The truth is, although a large percentage of the black population was involved in picking cotton, there remained a very large, and nearly equal, number of Whites involved in the business of “picking cotton”. This large demographic was enshrined in the music genre “folk” or “Americana”, with such songs as “I Never Picked Cotton”, “Ode to Billy Joe”, and “Cotton Fields”. “I Never Picked Cotton” was released in 1970 and rose to number 5 Billboard Magazine’s “hot Country Singles” in the summer of the same year. That a song could do so hints at the cultural links within tradition White demographics and the actual business “picking cotton”.


The reality is that “cotton” was a major exporting product of the United States and to sustain this industry required massive labor of which both Whites and blacks were engaged. It was no so much that “blacks” were being “discriminated” against. The reality is that cotton remained a very central and important economic activity to the larger black community wherein black landowners played a large part in the growth of the industry into the earlier to middle part of the 20th century.

In 1954 – there were 160K black sharecroppers in the United States, compared to 100K whites. This figure was down from 300k in 1940. Whites, on the other hand – was down 56% from 1940, resting at 100K as opposed to 250K.

Many of the racial tensions in the 1920’s between blacks and whites in the South were not due to “racism”, but rather to the success of blacks in cornering a large percentage of the employment in cotton fields as well as solid rise in Black land ownership.

Whoopie Goldberg’s gross ignorance and coy racist remarks towards Whites clearly dismisses and diminishes the very hard work and role that cotton played in supporting poor White and black families alike.

Jewish Political Propensities – The “Boy Cott”


Prime Minister of Russia Medvedev announced that President Putin had signed a decree that was approved that would see Russia’s Customs Agency begin the incineration of any and all confiscated agricultural goods from the United States, Canada, Australia, EU, and Norway.

Apparently the smugglers have had time to adjust their smuggling routes and are contributing to circumventing existing counter sanctions imposed by Russia on Western nations currently “sanctioning” or “boycotting” Russia.

This “sanctions war” has already cost European farmers over EU5.5 billion and an end to the ongoing losses is no where in sight.

It was further announced the week of July 25-Aug 1 that the United States was expanding sanctions against Russian individuals and firms, purportedly due to “ongoing issues relative to Crimea and Ukraine”.

Inside the Eye – Live! observed that essentially, Western countries are run by Jewish elite power structures and there is a propensity within Jewish culture to behave as a complete spoiled ill-mannered child when confronted with circumstances for which it “cannot have its way”.

Their reaction, even alluded to by Henry Ford in “The International Jew”, is to resort to “boycots” and “sanctions”, political tools for which mature and responsible nations and politicians the world over simply cannot tolerate.

This, in turn, continues to weaken “Western” and “US” prestige in the world.

All of this and quite a bit more insights in this fast paced show! You can listen to the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 8.1.2015