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Will Wertz, Jr., LaRouche PAC “Executive Intelligence Report” on ITEL Radio, 10.19.13


William “Will” Wertz, an executive editorial board member for LaRouche PAC’s Executive Intelligence Report, jointed Inside the Eye – Live! for an hour and half interview on Saturday, October 19, 2013 in what proved to be a very entertaining interview.  Many items were discussed, including Obamacare, Benghazi, 9-11, the Bandar/Bush connection, Syria, among many others.

Obamacare – A Recipe for Backdoor Genocide


Of particular interest is the enactment and pending implementation of “ObamaCare”, in which Will spoke to the idea that ObamaCare is rooted in National Socialist Germany legal frameworks. The general idea is that ObamaCare is designed to enable and create a backdoor genocide of the elderly through the denial of medical information and treatments.

Glass Steagal Reintroduction


LaRouche’s political organization believes strongly that the Glass-Steagall Act must be restored and that the restoration of Glass-Steagall will go a long ways to returning some sanity to the commodities markets as well as the health of the financial/banking system.

The current system allows for unfettered gambling by the banks using public guaranteed funds for the purpose of profiting from gambling on the commodities market.

Bandar-Bush Connection and 9-11


Will’s contention is that Prince Bandar has a unique role in 9-11 and aided and abetted the attack on the United States. Much of his reasoning necessitates the belief in the official conspiracy story.

Whether this reasoning holds is for debate, but the reality is that there is appears to be efforts within some Saudi circles to perpetuate policies that are essentially promulgated by Jewish NeoCons.

All of this intrigue adds to quite a bit of mystery.

You can hear the entire interview here:

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