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Women’s Suffrage in KSA, Syria-Turkey, and Guest-Kevin MacDonald Interview – ITEL Radio – 12.12.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, December 12, 2015 discussed developments in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, as well as “gun grabbing” efforts by people affiliated with the United States government. Hour 2 and half of hour 3 was filled with an interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer. The show had some technical issues, but overall turned out well. “The Fetch” was “under the weather”, which is kinda rare but made for a pretty slowed down and intriguing show.

Woman’s Suffrage Comes to Saudi Arabia


“Show Day” was also municipal elections day in Saudi Arabia, with women in Saudi Arabia being allowed to not only vote, but run for office at the municipal level where the system allows for 2/3 of the seats to be voted upon and the government selecting the remaining 1/3. The process of women being able to vote was initiated by the late King Abdullah by decree in 2011.

Turnout was considered to be low (about 25%) across the nation, with about 1.46 million Saudis registered to vote (1.3 million me and 131K women) for the 2100 contested municipal seats. 976 women ran as candidates, with 20 women winning seats.

In other related news in Saudi Arabia, the government gave divorcees and widowers the right to manage their own affairs in a country where approaching legal entities still requires males to act as legal guardians for women.

Small changes, but both were hailed by women’s groups in Saudi Arabia as a very positive step and development.

Turkey’s “Very Dirty Game” in Syria


Turkey’s game in Syria has been dirty from Day 1. From arming and supporting foreign mercenaries and terrorists, to wholesale theft of Syrian natural resources and commercial capital assets, Turkey has secreted out an enormous amount of wealth from the Syrian people and its business community.

For its part, President Erdogan of Turkey has long held dreams of re-establishing a “Turkish caliphate”, a project that envisions a return of “the Ottoman Empire”. In Syria, Turkey has been using its “Turkmen” assets, while in Iraq and Syria, Turkey has been busy bombing the Kurdish People’s Party (PKK) while sending in some 360 + trainers, complete with a contingent of some 20 tanks outside Iraq’s city of Mosul.

Russia continues to hammer home the reality that Turkey has been facilitating the theft of Syrian oil and doing so in what Russia claims to be an “industrial scale”.

“False Flags” and Gun Sales in the United States

M&R Photography

M&R Photography

Sometimes “elites” are just “so clever”. In the United States, apparently, someone within some inner circle seems to think that conducting false flag after false flag “mass shooting” incidents, backed as they are by a very compliant and willing Jewish owned main stream media infrastructure, that somehow, the more these events are staged, the sooner Americans are going to be willing to “accept” their “rational arguments” for “gun control”.

Of course, the more these events are staged, the more obvious it becomes that Americans need to not only “be armed”, but trained, ready, willing, and able to utilize force to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

Americans get it.

The FBI processed over 2.4 million background checks for gun purchases in November of 2015. November 2015 represented the 7 monthly record setting increase for gun purchase background checks.

In 17 years, the FBI has processed over 240 million firearms background checks and rejected about 2.4 million.

All of this, plus the interview with Kevin MacDonald [download/listen] can be heard here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.12.15