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Yemen Crisis, US Refinery Strikes, Minsk Agreement – ITEL Radio – 2.14.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, February 14, 2015, delved into the unfolding political instability in Yemen, the spreading troubles in US Oil sector, and the Minsk II Agreement (M2A) that was “signed” in the Belorus capital of Minsk between Russia, Germany, France, and former President Kuchma of Ukraine.

The show was filled with a lot of listener call-in, but poor Saudi Internet hotel Internet environment made for a technically challenging production to the show.

Yemen – Embassy’s Begin Evacuating Sa’ana


Hour number 1 provided a comprehensive background of Yemen, its major political forces, and the ongoing political challenges facing the country.

In short, Yemen is comprised of 3 competing groups: Islah, comprised predominantly of Sunni tribes, Ansrullah, predominancy Shia with a large contingent of members from the Houthi tribe, and “Al Qaeda”, the international “globalist” force that has no loyalties other than the spread chaos and otherwise trash existing Islamic cultural and national infrastructures.

Yemen is located on the southwest tip of the Arabian peninsula.

The Houthi’s are from from the northern parts of Yemen, while the Islah Sunni are from the south. Al Qaeda exists wherever it can terrorize locals and gain a foothold. Although public US policy in Yemen is that the United States has been “fighting terror” through drone strikes and related military activities, rumors are that the United States has really been helping Al Qaeda attack the Houthi’s, or Shia, to prevent them from coming to power.


US policy failed.

The Houthi, which are said to be aligned with Iran (and there is big money behind the Houthi), overran the capital in Sa’ana in September, and removed the central government in early February of 2015.

This action is being seen as a coup d’etat by the Sunni Islah elements who have been staging protests in the capital Sa’ana, we well as Taiz and other cities in the south. The growing political uncertainty resulted in the United States, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Italy to shutter evacuate their Embassy staff and close their Embassies.

All of these details, and quite a bit more, were covered in Hour 1.

Turbulence in the US Oil Sector


Even as United States oil production reached an a recent record high of 9.23 million barrels per day, all is not well in the oil sector in the United States. Turbulence may be found in exploration and production (E&P) as well as downstream activities, like refining. The rapid decline in oil prices is sending E&P in the United States into a recession.

Adding to the job losses in the E&P sector is a refinery strike hitting up to 10% of American refining capacity beginning on Feb. 15, 2015. This is the first strike at US oil refining facilities since 1980, with wages, benefits, and safety being some of the primary negotiating stumbling blocks.

Add to that the recent announcement that Hanjin Shipping is pulling out of Portland, plus talks of labor stoppages and slowdowns at Western ports up and down the coast of the United States, and the message being sent is that the Obama Administration and Congress have two key events to blame for the otherwise, moribund US economy.

Minsk Agreement II – Pulling Porky’s Bacon out of the Fire


Sorta. Events in Ukraine seem to rapidly spiraling out of control for the Neocon regime change scam artists. It seems that everytime Porky (President Poroshenko of Ukraine) finds his Western sponsored and Pro-American (??? – CNN) military “on the ropes”, Western leaders rush to “find an agreement to effectuate a cease fire.

It happened in the Fall of 2014 in what was the Minsk Agreement or Protocol, and it has happened again Porky found nearly 8000 of his top military units surrounded in the rail switching town of Debeltsevo,

“The Saker” had a good break down of the Agreement that means little save for to give Porky some time to figure out how to salvage his Kosher Khazer II Empire.

Said The Saker,

The reality is that nothing at all happened in Minsk, at least nothing of any importance. The Novorussians won the latest battle (yet again) so they came in a position of strength and they got the junta to promise to stop the crazy shelling, and since Debaltsevo was not even mentioned, it looks to me that the junta forces there will be allowed to quietly withdraw as long as they leave their weapons behind. So the Debaltsevo cauldron will be controlled by Novorussia. Putin got political recognition and the hope of at least no more sanctions (remember after Minsk 1 the EU immediately imposed more sanctions on Russia). The Europeans got a little something too, mainly some good PR, and the big loser is most definitely Poroshenko who will now have the highly unenviable task of “selling” M2A to a totally crazy Rada (which, by the way, is currently considering an law proposed by Poroshenko’s party to make the denial of the Russian aggression against the Ukraine a criminal offense).

All of this and quite a bit more in a technical difficulties type of show (Saudi/hotel Internet).

You can here the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 2.14.15