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Zezorro on ITEL Radio – 1.4.14

Pro-European integration protestors build new barricades in Independence Square in Kiev

Internet essayist “Zezorro” from joined for a second appearance on ITEL Radio on January 4, 2014. Appearing in hour #3, Zezorro wove a fascinating insight regarding recent Central European history and Central Europe’s role as the centerpiece in “the Grand Chess Board”.

Ukraine Political Protests – December 2013


One of the insights provided by Zezorro dealt with the recent political protests in the Ukraine during December 2013. In the words of Zezorro, the protests were legitimate protests for a better future, but the fact that the protests were being funded by groups as George Soros and other similar interests meant that Moscow and Putin needed to be highly involved in the solution process.

What it came down to is that Merkel and Germany, vis-a-vis the EU, could not provide an economic deal that was strong enough to counter available Russian economic bailout proposals.

In the end, the Ukrainian government came down on the side of Putin and Russia. However, as the negotiations were carried out, the Ukrainian government was being charged with selling out Ukraine to the highest bidder, a reality that might not be far from the truth.

The Washington Post, a Jewish run Western Media Asset, ran an article regarding the motivations of the protesters.

The article is worth a read for a short primer, with all Jewish biases and framing needed to be taken into consideration.

Central Europe – The Grand Chess Board


Another issue for discussion was the idea of Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard” wherein control of Central Europe is critical to control of the Caucasus. What should be understood is that World War II, and Germany’s thrust into the steppes of Russia was largely about control of the oil fields of the Caucasus.

He who controls Central Europe controls the transit routes for the oil that makes its way to market from the Caucasus to Europe.

Regardless of all the “color revolutions” and other media manipulations and propaganda from the West, few should be deluded that the Russian’s are taken in by what is Jewish media “tom foolery”.

The key to “the Prize”, the oil of the central steppes of Eurasia, is control of central Europe. The protests in the Ukraine should also be seen in view of this light, and hence a Soros funded “color revolution”, no matter the good will or intent, cannot be dismissed nor ignored by Russia as the Ukraine remains an integral part of Russia’s sphere of influence.

The Volgograd Bombings – A Message to Putin?

Volgograd Bus Bombing

The show closed on some small insights on the recent bombings in Volgograd, wherein a bus, and later, a subway station, were hit with well coordinated attacks timed in such a way as to enable the perpetrators to analyze media and Russian reaction to the initial attack.

Zezorro was of the opinion that these attacks were not a “false flag” event, or self inflicted attacks which are oft used by states to advance an internal political agenda; rather, these attacks were the work of external forces sent as a message to Putin and the Russians.

Many dozens died in the attacks. Since, many hundreds have been rounded up by Russian authorities.

Stay tuned. It should get interesting.

You can hear the Zezorro interview here:

Zezorro on ITEL Radio – 1.1.14

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