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Zezorro on ITEL Radio – 11.21.15 – Winds of War in the East

Zezorro from joined Inside the Eye – Live! on November 21, 2015. Zezorro is a leading political analyst through use of media intelligence and has a very large Polish audience in Poland and throughout Europe and discussed the winds of war blowing in Eastern Europe.

This was quite an insightful and important discussion and is a must listen for anyone wanting additional insights regarding the ongoing war of West against Russia.

Regime Change and Poland’s War Footing


Zezorro revealed that Poland is, essentially, in a state of war. There has been a recent change in the political leadership of the country with the country turning nearly entirely into the US Neocon camp. At present, Zezorro stated that there is a purge of previous officer/middle level management officers in the Polish military and security organs.

This is being done to make the regime more pliable to orders send down from the top, but Zezorro stated that this might have some beneficial effect long term because the officers coming into positions of authority are largely more nationalistic than previous cadres.

We also discussed the recent marches of some 100K + Poles seeking an end to forced immigration into Poland and the reasons why Poles are opposed to further immigration efforts by the Germans towards Poland, whereby Germany is essentially trying to export to Poland many of the millions of refugees the Merkel government has imported into Germany.

Ukraine and Russia’s US$3 Billion Gambit


The issue of Ukraine is never far from the surface when discussing Eastern European politics. In regards to Ukraine, we discussed Putin’s US$3 billion outstanding load given to Ukraine a few weeks prior to the collapse of the Yanukovich government and takeover by American backed Jewish oligarchs.

On this issue, Zezorro states that the loss of the US$3 billion loan is something that Putin simply cannot survive as this is seen as a form of honor to ensure that this money is returned to Russia and a failure to return such money would be a face saving loss to Putin tantamount to Putin losing some, if not all, of his grip on Russia.

Zezorro also discussed the idea that Ukraine is being set-up for an organized dissolution of the country through an IMF ordered default and that the current Jewish oligarchs running Ukraine are currently working to secure their assets and position in the post default Ukraine.

The Downing of the Russian Aircraft in Sinai and the Paris Terror Attacks – Leads to Syria


To close the hour interview, we discussed the recent loss a Russian aircraft flying out of Egypt’s Sinai and its potential relation to the Paris “terror attack”.

On this issue, Zezorro believes that Russia simply cannot afford to lose Syria as an outpost in the Middle East. With the loss of Libya and many of the other “Arab Spring” regime changes, Putin’s friends (intelligence assets) have largely been routed from the Middle East and so Russia is essentially blind.

The loss of Syria would be catastrophic.

Zezorro also believes that the United States, France, and Russia have come to a private agreement to try to wrap-up the Syrian mess. In this regard, the Paris terror attacks serve as a convenient rallying point to allow France’s military to participate in the war on Da’esh/Islamic State while allowing the Americans a face saving way to get out of the operation.

This is a necessary ploy, as Zezorro describes, because the United States indeed has played a key role in the arming and funding Da’esh militants and cannot be seen as having created these assets and then also playing key roles in destroying these same assets.

Hence the need to replace US air operations with French air operations.

Overall, this was a fascinating 1 hour interview and a must listen to anyone wanting to get a more nuanced view of the ongoing efforts to damage Russia and send Europe to war on behalf of America’s Jewish power base.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Zezorro – 11.21.15