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“Zionist” Infiltration of UK – Jason Schumann – 1.14.17

Jason Schumann, an activist for many Jewish agenda’s, including LGBT “rights” and “immigrant/minority rights”, joined ITEL for hour #3 of the 1.14.17 show. As a half-Jewish-African-Scots (no jackpot, mother is Scots) member of the larger Jewish activist community, Jason has recently been targeted by even more radical “Israel first” Jewish groups and individuals in an attempt to silence Jason’s “boycott, divest, and sanction” actions that numerous groups in the UK are involved in against the globalist colony of Israel. Jason does not consider himself to be a “British nationalist”.

Israeli embassy official gloating about interfering in UK internal politics. – Al Jazeera

The interview with Jason comes at a time when British nationals are awakening to the reality that the UK is infested with Jewish sayanim operations masquerading as “anti-Semitic” watch dog groups. In reality, these groups are nothing but apparent fronts for the global colony of Israel and use Jewish money to harass, intimidate, and silence anyone who is working against Israel.

We discussed the use of language, the terms “Jew” and “Zionist”, and the failures of MSM (essentially Jewish) operations as the BBC to appropriately put forward the reality of the situation on the ground.

The final half hour got a bit testy as the terms and usage of definitions became contested between Jason and “The Fetch”. The segment proved to hold its own on a day when ratings for the entire show were up quite a bit.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Jason Schumann – 1.14.17

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