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Free Speech


Let’s Just Identify the Target! – ITEL PT – 7.5.18

Fallout from the Greg Felton interview on June 28, 2018 provided much of the the inspiration for this weeks Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! show as a post interview spat spilled over into public comment sections on Youtube and Grizzom. The “spat”, in and of itself, remains inconsequential. However, at the core of the spat remains a pull to influence the spiritual core of the ongoing debate of Jewish power and influence and how citizens of the West may be allowed to address these concerns. What has beenRead More

A Discussion with Mark Collett – ITEL – 6.16.18

Mark Collett, the author of “The Fall of Western Man“ and host of “This Week on the Alt-Right“, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  Mark appears every Friday on the David Duke Show. Mark discussed his early (and successful) years with the BNP, where he joined the party at the ripe old age of 20 and went on to lead the youth division of the party before going on to handle graphic design for the BNP during the more successful period in the BNP’s history.Read More

Missing the Story – Alison Chabloz, Tommy Robinson and “Free Speech”

On the day that former English Defense League, Neocon Shiller Foundation Fellow Tommy Robinson was being arrested for violation of Britain’s strict laws regarding court proceeding reporting, an even more ominous chill swept through the land of England: Alison Chabloz, an entertainer and British Nationalist, was found “guilty” of “offending Jews”. Mind you. No one is siding with British “authorities” here.  The reputation of current British police and court establishments is that they are hyper friendly to the Jehovian (Satanic) world of pedophilia and worse, appear to be stooges whoRead More